Tuition Estimates

Tuition Estimates

Select your programme information, residence fees and meal plan from the options provided above, and receive an estimate cost for the 2016/17 year. All fields are required.

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Summer Fall Winter Total

Bachelor of Arts – FYP (No Elective) is counted as 4 courses per term.
Bachelor of Science – FYP (No Electives) is counted as 3 courses per term.

For an itemized tuition and fee estimate, consult the tuition and fee breakdown.

In addition to residence fees, residence students must participate in one of the on-campus meal plan options.

For the 2016/17 academic year, the Nova Scotia Provincial Government has committed to providing ongoing assistance to Nova Scotia students through a University Student Bursary Trust. This $1,283 reduction for a full course load is adjusted on a pro-rata basis according to the actual number of credit courses taken. Questions can be directed to King’s Student Accounts. (Students do not have to apply for this bursary. It is an automatic reduction to a student’s account based on the student’s registration).

To avoid the $50.00 late fees and interest charges, all tuition fees and if applicable residence costs, must be paid in full by the term due date.

Interest is 6% a year.

Audit Classes: All students auditing a class pay one-half of the regular tuition fee plus auxiliary fees, if applicable.