Gary Thorne

University Chaplain


| Faculty Member

Gary Thorne Gary Thorne

BA (Acadia), MA (Dal), MA (Dal), MDiv (AST), PhD (Durham), DD (Vind)

Before coming to King’s, I served as Rector of St. George’s Parish in Halifax’s inner city for 16 years. During my incumbency, the church building – a national historic site – suffered a major fire that required a $5 million restoration. Since leaving the parish ministry for university chaplaincy I have continued my involvement in advocacy work in the inner city, serving on several boards, developing friendships and walking the streets.

A reservist military chaplain for 18 years, I deployed to the Israel/Syria border for six months in 2003, ministering to Canadian and UN troops during the beginning of the American invasion of Iraq.

As university chaplain, I am available to students for counseling and chat. I provide means for all King’s students to become involved in ‘hands on’ advocacy work in the Halifax community. I encourage students to touch the deepest roots of our culture and humanity through informed theurgy.

As a continuing penance, I serve on two national committees of the Anglican Church of Canada – the Primate’s Theological Commission and the Faith, Worship and Ministry Committee.

Research Interests

My research interests are broadly within the areas of Patristics, monasticism and the study of expositors of classic Anglican theology, each of which contributes to my continuing focus on Middle Byzantine Theology! My thinking about the enduring question of the interaction between belief and practice (knowledge and ethical behaviour) locates me ideally on the university campus where the forced separation of academic rigor and ritual practice is increasingly seen by students to be untenable.