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Atlantic Common University Data Set

Atlantic Common University Data Set

A. General Information B. Admission
A1. Address information
A2. Credentials awarded
A3. Degrees conferred by program, 2013
A4. Male enrolment by program, 2013
A5. Female enrolment by program, 2013
A6. Total enrolment by program, 2013
A6b. Non-degree students, 2013
A7. Full-time enrolment by immigration status, 2013
B1. Full-time first year first-time registrants by degree, 2013
B2. Undergraduate program admission requirements
B3. Secondary school averages of full-time first year students by range and degree, 2013
B4. Application fees
B5. Admission in Winter, Spring, Summer Terms
B6. Deferred admission
C. Transfer Admission from Other Post Secondary Institutions D. Library Collections
C1. Enrolment of transfer students
C2. Number of transfer students, 2013
C3. Transfer credit policies
D1. Library Collections
E. Student Life F. Student Experience
E1. Residence of first-time first year undergraduate students, 2013
E2. Percentage of full-time undergraduate students who live on campus, 2013
E3. Extracurricular activities offered
E4. Housing
F1. Results from the NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement), 2008
F1a. How would you evaluate your entire educational experience at this institution?
F1b. If you could start over again, would you go to the same institution you are now attending?
F2. Results from the CGPSS
F3. Results from the CUSC
G. Annual Student Expenses H. Instructional Faculty and Class Size
G1. Tuition, ancillary fees, room and board, and other expenses, 2014/15 Academic Year H1. Number of instructional faculty members
H2. Undergraduate class size by year level, Fall 2013 (First term classes only)
I. University Revenue and Expenses J. Research
I1. University revenue – Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2014 J1. Research awards by granting council