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Public Sector Compensation Disclosure

Public Sector Compensation Disclosure

In accordance with the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act, the University of King’s College provides the following financial information.

Fiscal Year April 2011 / March 2012

Name Total Position Title 
Barker, William  179,760.40 Professor, English
Boos, Stephen  106,422.00 Professor, Contemporary Studies, Foundation Year Programme
Curran, Thomas  112,066.03 Professor, Foundation Year Programme, Early Modern Studies
Edwards, Elizabeth  105,785.05 Professor, Contemporary Studies, Foundation Year Programme
 Glowacka, Dorota  108,242.50 Director, Contemporary Studies
 Hankey, Wayne  142,485.00 Chair of Classics
 Huebert, Ronald  135,604.60 Professor, English
 Kierans, Kim  125,619.00 Vice-President / Professor, School of Journalism
 Kimber, Stephen  122,892.00 Professor, School of Journalism
 Leavitt, Anne  144,933.36 President
 McOuat, Gordon  118,125.00 Professor, History of Science & Technology
 Murphy, Christopher  128,637.00 Professor, Sociology & Social Anthropology
 Robertson, Neil  114,422.04 Director, Early Modern Studies
 Smith, Gerald  241,073.96 Bursar
 Thompson, Judith  109,038.99 Professor, English
 Tillotson, Shirley  106,572.00 Professor, History Co-ordinator Gender and Women’s Studies
 Toughill, Kelly  106,352.04 Director, School of Journalism
 Yeo, Elizabeth  108,483.96  Registrar