Admission Requirements
Graduate & Advanced Admission Requirements
Graduate & Advanced Applicants affected by Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

Graduate & Advanced Applicants affected by Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

The University of King’s College is committed to supporting students whose application process is impacted by the Novel Coronavirus. For students who are unable to obtain required documentation (official transcripts, English proficiency test scores) due to closures of schools and test centers, we are making the following allowances:


The Faculty of Graduate Studies is making temporary allowances for applicants living in regions experiencing school, test centre and/or postal service closures. If this affects you, the University of King’s College will accept:

  • Unofficial transcripts to evaluate your application for a conditional admission. Please note that a conditional admission decision is not final.
  • Unofficial copies of current English language test score reports (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL) or applications with no test scores for conditional admission.

English Language Proficiency Test Scores

To meet the needs of applicants during this challenging time, we are accepting the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition.  This test is currently open to students around the world except for those who reside in China and Iran. The use of this test for admission to graduate studies at the University of King’s College may be reassessed in the future.

Reference Letters

If your referee is unable to fulfill the requirements regulating graduate studies reference letters, please send to admissions@ukings.ca your referee’s email address, their full name, professional designation and their relationship to you. Inform King’s that you were unable to obtain a reference from this referee through Dalhousie’s electronic reference system or as a paper-based reference to be delivered via the post. The Admissions Office at King’s will follow up with your referee to request the reference directly.

Conditional Acceptance

Incoming students continue who face issues obtaining official documents to support their applications. Consequently, the Faculty of Graduate Studies is now allowing students beginning programs in June or September to register with unofficial documents. You will be required to submit official documents at your earliest convenience with a deadline of December 1, 2020. If you are unable to provide official documents after the deadline, you will be required to provide proof of this inability.

Please note that if there are any meaningful differences between your unofficial and official documents your admission to your program will be rescinded.

Please send all supporting documentation for your graduate application to admissions@ukings.ca.