Admission Requirements
Undergraduate Admission Requirements
Undergraduate Applicants affected by Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

Undergraduate Applicants affected by Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

Admissions information for fall 2021

The University of King’s College is committed to supporting students whose application process is impacted by the Novel Coronavirus.

Undergraduate applicants

When does the application for September 2021 open?

The application for students interested in applying to start their studies for September 2021 opens for early admission on October 15, 2020.

How can I pay my application fee?

We are currently accepting online application fee payments only. We will be unable to receive in-person payments until further notice.

How do I submit my transcripts for my September 2021 application?

For students starting in September 2021, we are requiring official copies of transcripts, test scores and other supporting documentation.  Official documents are those that come directly from your school, testing agency or issuing institution. Transcripts sent by the applicant will not be considered official and won’t be reviewed as part of your application.

King’s is able to receive transcripts and other documents by mail and courier, however as our staff continues to work remotely, we are only accessing the mail a couple of times per week.  It is highly encouraged that you have your school officially email your transcripts to prevent any delays in processing your application.

Applicants can forward their documents to admissions@ukings.ca.

I am an applicant studying a US based curriculum, do I have to submit SAT or ACT test scores?

King’s will be a test-optional institution for students studying a US based curriculum.  Students are welcome to submit test scores, but those who were unable to sit for the SAT or ACT due to COVID-19 will be assessed solely on their course grades.

The only exception is for home-schooled applicants. If the SAT remains unavailable, we will reassess and offer options.

I was awarded a Pass/Fail or CR/ENR at the end of Grade 11, will this impact my application to King’s?

High school applicants who were awarded Pass/Fail or CR/ENR at the end of Grade 11 will not be assessed during the early admission period. Applicants will be assessed when their first set of Grade12/senior year marks become available.

Is King’s offering in-person campus tours and events for fall 2021?

We are currently not offering in-person tours and events to maintain the health and safety of our campus, community and visitors.  There will be a variety of options to visit the Quad virtually throughout the year.

  • Campus tours
  • Open house
  • Webinars
  • Meet a King’s recruiter

Join us for one or more of our upcoming events to learn about King’s.

International applicants

What if my IGCSE or IB exams have been cancelled?

For applicants whose IGCSE or IB exams have been cancelled, your file will be assessed using the course grades established in place of exam results. Applications will not be affected.

What if my CBSE Class 12 exams have been postponed?

For applicants whose CBSE Class 12 exams have been postponed, existing offers of admission will not be affected by the postponement. We are awaiting the announcement of the new exam date and will update the site with instructions when the date is established. If you have not yet received an admission decision, please watch for updates on this page or contact us at admissions@ukings.ca

Is King’s accepting results from online English language proficiency test options?

Yes, for undergraduate students applying to start at King’s in September 2021, we are accepting the following online proficiency tests:

These tests are taken using a computer with a camera and includes a proficiency score, video interview and writing samples which are shared with the university.

Note: After completing your online exam, please send your results to our partner institution Dalhousie University. For those students who have applied to King’s, Dalhousie University will forward all online proficiency test results to King’s for review.

Dalhousie University English for Academic Purposes (EAP): Dalhousie is also offering EAP online to help meet the English requirements for undergraduate admission.

Learn more about King’s English language requirements.

Transfer applicants

Can I submit unofficial transcripts for transfer credit assessment if I want to transfer to King’s in September 2021?

For transfer applicants applying to King’s for September 2021, we are requiring official transcripts and documentation.  Official documents are those that come directly from your school, testing agency or issuing institution.

Learn more about transferring to King’s.


If you still have questions about your application, please contact a member of our admissions team at admissions@ukings.ca.

Last updated October 30, 2020