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Now offering campus tour webinars

The in-person campus tours program has been suspended due to COVID-19. Since a visit to our campus isn’t possible at the moment, we’d love to connect with you for an online campus tour webinar.

A campus tour is a great way to experience life at King’s.

We have three tour options to accommodate your needs.

1. The Complete First-Year Experience Tour

Between September and April the campus will be buzzing with excitement!

Monday, Wednesday, or Friday
8:45 – 11:30 a.m.

Tours during King’s Reading Week

Between February 17th and 21st morning tours will begin at 10 a.m. and will not include a Foundation Year Program lecture as it’s reading week.

2. Express Campus Tour

Only have time for a brief visit? You’ll still be able to see what makes King’s so special.

Monday, Wednesday, or Friday
2 – 3:30 p.m.

  • Get a guided tour of the campus from a current student
  • An admissions expert will be on hand to answer your questions

3. Summer Tour

The campus is beautiful in the summer (and a little quieter than usual.) Visiting King’s can be a great part of your Nova Scotian vacation!

All weekdays throughout the summer
10-11:30 a.m. or 2-3:30 p.m.

Get a guided tour of the campus from a current student An admissions expert will be on hand to answer your questions

Before you book a flight, please let us know at least one week ahead so we can be ready. If you have questions, try our FAQ.

Also interested in touring our partner and neighbour, Dalhousie University? Check out their tour schedule.

Sit in on a Foundation Year lecture

If you take our Complete First-Year Experience Tour, you can sit in on a Foundation Year Program lecture.

2019/20 lecture schedule


Mon, Sept. 9 – N. RobertsonGreek Epic I: Homer’s Odyssey
Wed, Sept. 11 – N. RobertsonGreek Epic II: Homer’s Odyssey
Thurs, Sept. 12 – E. DiamondSappho and Greek Lyric Poetry
Fri, Sept. 13 – N. RobertsonGreek Epic III: Homer’s Odyssey
Mon, Sept. 16 – T. CurranGreek Tragedy: Aeschylus
Wed, Sept. 18 – E. DiamondPlato I: Socrates
Thurs, Sept. 19 – M. WilbandThucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War
Fri, Sept. 20 – E. DiamondPlato II: City-Soul Analogy
Mon, Sept. 23 – E. DiamondPlato III: Three Waves − Sun, Line, Cave
Wed, Sept. 25 – R. MajithiaSanskrit Epic
Thurs, Sept. 26 – S. KowAncient China and Classical Confucianism
Fri, Sept. 27 – E. DiamondPlato IV: Decline of Constitutions; Myth of Er
Mon, Sept. 30 – P. O’BrienAncient Rome I: Vergil’s Aeneid


Wed, Oct. 2 – P. O’BrienAncient Rome II: Vergil’s Aeneid
Thurs, Oct. 3 – M. BennettLatin Epicureanism
Fri, Oct. 4 – K. FraserLate Pagan Spirituality and the Quest for Salvation
Mon, Oct. 7 – S. DoddChristian Beginnings in the Ancient World
Wed, Oct. 9 – N. RobertsonBecoming Christian: From Thagaste to Carthage
Thurs, Oct. 10 – D. BrandesMedieval Judaism and Philosophy
Fri, Oct. 11 – N. RobertsonBecoming Christian: To Milan and Rome
Wed, Oct. 16 – N. RobertsonBecoming Christian: From Rome to Hippo and Beyond
Thurs, Oct. 17 – I. StewartFaith Seeking Understanding:
Fri, Oct. 18 – V. GoddardThe Divine Comedy: Inferno
Mon, Oct. 21 – V. GoddardThe Divine Comedy: Inferno Fraud
Wed, Oct. 23 – S. DoddThe Divine Comedy: Purgatory Conversion and Virtue
Thurs, Oct. 24 – V. WilmhoffMonasticism and Mysticism
Fri, Oct. 25 – S. UllahThe Art of Islamic Love
Mon, Oct. 28 – S. DoddParadise: Vows and Reciprocity
Wed, Oct. 30 – S. DoddParadise:From Misery to Bliss in this Life
Thurs, Oct. 31 – T. CurranIn Defence of The Virtue of Women


Fri, Nov. 1 – E. EdwardsRomance from the Court of King Arthur: the High Middle Ages
Wed, Nov. 6 – S. KowIslamic Philosophy of History on the Eve of the Renaissance
Thurs, Nov. 7 – S. KowRenaissance History & Politics
Fri, Nov. 8 – J. VusichRenaissance Art
Mon, Nov. 18 – C. SnookThe Protestant Reformation: Luther
Wed, Nov. 20 – R. BarkerThe Catholic Reformation: Teresa of Ávila
Thurs, Nov. 21 – S. KowThe Jesuits in China
Fri, Nov. 22 – A. JeffersColonialism in the Americas: Encounters & Impact
Mon, Nov. 25 – K. FraserThe Fortunes of Faustus: Magic, Heresy, and Renaissance Ambition
Wed, Nov. 27 – Y. WassersugEnglish Renaissance Politics: Elizabeth I
Fri, Nov. 29 – L. PennyThe Renaissance Self


Mon, Dec. 2 – I. StewartA New Method: Francis Bacon
Tuesday, Dec. 3 – S. KowPiracy, Empire, & International Law


Mon, Jan. 6 – K. MorrisDescartes: Self
Wed, Jan. 8 – K. MorrisDescartes: God
Thurs, Jan. 9 – C. ElsonThe Early Modern Novel
Fri, Jan. 10 – K. MorrisDescartes: World
Mon, Jan. 13 – S. BoosHobbes: The Modern State
Wed, Jan. 15 – K. MorrisNew Worlds
Thurs, Jan. 16 – K MorrisThe Newtonian Cosmos
Fri, Jan. 17 – J. VusichBaroque Art
Mon, Jan. 20 – W. LaheyProperty and Empire
Wed, Jan. 22 – L. PennyThe Age of Satire
Thurs, Jan. 23 – N. RobertsonThe French Enlightenment
Fri, Jan. 24 – S. DoddRousseau: Society and Inequality
Mon, Jan. 27 – T. CurranStorm and Stress
Wed, Jan. 29 – C. JeffersThe Debate over Slavery
Thurs, Jan. 30 – D. BrandesPractical Reason: The Moral Law
Fri, Jan. 31 – R. BarkerThe Marriage of Figaro: Drama and Opera


Mon, Feb. 3 – L. PennyThe French Revolution 1789
Wed, Feb. 5 – S. DoddThe Rights of Women
Thurs, Feb. 6 – J. FrodymaRomanticism: History,Imagination, and the Sublime
Mon, Feb. 10 – C. SnookFrankenstein: The Dream of Progress
Wed, Feb. 12 – C. JeffersLiberalism
Thurs, Feb. 13 – S. KowIndia & Empire
Mon, Feb. 24 – C. SnookFrankenstein: Romanticism and its discontents
Wed, Feb. 26 – G. McOuatWorkers of the World Unite: Marxism
Thurs, Feb. 27 – M. BennettCharles Darwin: Theories of Evolution
Fri, Feb. 28 – J. VusichBaudelaire, Modernity, and the Visual Arts


Mon, Mar. 2 – R. IngallsNietzsche I
Wed, Mar. 4 – R. IngallsNietzsche II
Thurs, Mar. 5 – J. BirdPerformance, Writing and the Critique of Colonialism
Fri, Mar. 6 – C. JeffersW.E.B. DuBois
Mon, Mar. 9 – C. SnookModernism and the Fragments of Tradition
Wed, Mar. 11 – S. CliftThe Rise of Psychoanalysis
Thurs, Mar. 12 – D. BrandesDwelling and Being
Fri, Mar. 13 – S. CliftModernity’s (Dis)connections: Time, Memory, Communication
Mon, Mar. 16 – S. CliftModernity’s (Dis)connections: Time, Memory, Communication
Wed, Mar. 18 – D. Brandes“The Right to Have Rights”: Arendt on the Refugee Crisis of the Interwar Period
Thurs, Mar. 19 – L. PennyNew Media and New Political Landscapes
Fri, Mar. 20 – D. GlowackaThe Holocaust: The Assault on the Human
Mon, Mar. 23 – L. PennyFeminist Existentialism: The Second Wave
Wed, Mar. 25 – S. BoosThe Call of the Wild: Environmentalism and its Ideals
Thurs, Mar. 26 – M. BennettPower, Knowledge, and Sexuality
Fri, Mar. 27 – G. McOuatThe False Paths of 20th-Century Science
Mon, Mar. 30 – A. JeffersPost-Colonial Experiences


Wed, Apr. 1 April – S. CliftTwenty-First Century Flâneurie: Place, Memory, and Belonging
Thurs, Apr. 2 – E. JonesIntersectional Voices
Fri, Apr. 3 April – S. CliftLast Things or, The Sense of an Ending