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There is a campus tour blackout from Tuesday, December 18 – Friday, January 4. Campus tours will resume on Monday, January 7.

A campus tour is a great way to experience life at King’s. Let us know in advance when you’ll be coming so we can show you around, arrange a conversation for you with an admissions expert, and take you to lunch in Prince Hall. During the September to April academic year campus will be buzzing and you’ll be able to sit in on a Foundation Year Program lecture.

Regular Tour Days

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Before you book a flight, please let us know at least one week ahead so we can be ready. If you have questions, try our FAQ.

Sit in on a Foundation Year lecture

2018/19 lecture schedule


Mon, 10 September – N. Robertson Greek Epic I: Homer’s Odyssey
Wed, 12 September – N. Robertson Greek Epic II: Homer’s Odyssey
Thurs, 13 September – E. Varto Ancient Art
Fri, 14 September – N. Robertson Greek Epic III: Homer’s Odyssey
Mon, 17 September – M. Wilband Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War
Wed, 19 September – E. Diamond Greek Tragedy: Sophocles’ Antigone
Thurs, 20 September – E. Diamond Greek Comedy: Aristophanes’ Birds
Fri, 21 September – E. Diamond Plato I: Republic and Symposium
Mon, 24 September – E. Diamond Plato II: Symposium
Wed, 26 September – E. Diamond Plato III: Symposium and Republic
Thurs, 27 September – S. Kow Ancient China and Classical Confucianism
Fri, 28 September – I. Stewart Aristotle on Nature


Mon, 1 October – P. O’Brien Ancient Rome I: Virgil’s Aeneid
Wed, 3 October – P. O’Brien Ancient Rome II: Virgil’s Aeneid
Thurs, 4 October – K. Fraser Late Pagan Spirituality and the Quest for Salvation
Fri, 5 October – P. O’Brien Ancient Rome III: Virgil’s Aeneid
Wed, 10 October – N. Hatt The Christian Era in Europe: What do Christians Believe?
Thurs, 11 October – J. Vusich From Material to Immaterial: Christian Art of the Middle Ages
Fri, 12 October – C. Mitchell Muhammad and the Early Muslims: Religion and Politics in 7th century Arabia
Mon, 15 October – N. Robertson Becoming Christian: St. Augustine I
Wed, 17 October – N. Robertson Becoming Christian: St. Augustine II
Thurs, 18 October – K. Cawsey Romance I
Fri, 19 October – N. Robertson Becoming Christian: St. Augustine III
Mon, 22 October – T. Curran The Divine Comedy: Inferno
Wed, 24 October – T. Curran The Divine Comedy: Inferno
Thurs, 25 October – D. Brandes Medieval Judaism and Philosophy
Fri, 26 October – E. Edwards The Divine Comedy: Purgatorio
Mon, 29 October – E. Edwards The Divine Comedy: Purgatorio
Wed, 31 October – E. King The Divine Comedy: Paradiso


Thurs, 1 November – I. Stewart Late Medieval Humanism
Fri, 2 November – E. Edwards Romance II: the Late Medieval
Wed, 7 November – K. Fraser Renaissance Philosophy
Thurs, 8 November – J. Vusich Renaissance Art
Fri, 9 November – S. Kow Renaissance Politics I: Machiavelli
Mon, 19 November – C. Snook The Protestant Reformation: Luther
Wednesday, 21 November – R. Barker The Catholic Reformation: Teresa of Ávila
Thursday, 22 November – S. Kow The Jesuits in China
Friday, 23 November – L. Beck The Americas I: Encounters and Impact
Mon, 26 November – R. Barker Renaissance Ambition
Wed, 28 November – Y. Wassersug Renaissance Politics II: Elizabeth I
Thurs, 29 November – D. Nicol The Americas II: The Settlement at Jamestown and the Discourse(s) of the “New World”
Fri, 30 November – L. Penny The Renaissance Self


Mon, 3 December – D.T. Brandes A Brave New World: Shakespeare’s Tempest
Tuesday, 4 December – K. Morris A New Method: Bacon


Mon, 7 January – N. Robertson Descartes: Self
Wed, 9 January – N. Robertson Descartes: God
Thurs, 10 January – R. Huebert French Neo-Classicism
Fri, 11 January – N. Robertson Descartes: World
Mon, 14 January – S. Boos Hobbes: The Modern State
Wed, 16 January – J. Vusich Baroque Art
Thurs, 17 January – K. Morris A New World
Fri, 18 January – I. Stewart The Newtonian Natural Philosophy
Mon, 21 January – W. Lahey Property and Empire
Wed, 23 January – S. Dodd Rousseau: Society and Inequality
Thurs, 24 January – T. Curran Storm and Stress
Fri, 25 January – S. Dodd Rousseau: Freedom and the State
Mon, 28 January – C. Jeffers The Debate over Slavery
Wed, 30 January – D. Brandes The Kantian Morality
Thurs, 31 January – N. Robertson Jane Austen


Mon, 4 February – R. Barker A Dream of Progress: Introduction and Frankenstein, Part One
Wed, 6 February – S. Dodd Rights and Revolution
Thurs, 7 February – J. Frodyma Romanticism: History, Imagination, and the Sublime
Fri, 8 February – S. Clift Workers of the World, Unite
Mon, 11 February – R. Barker The Challenges of Selfhood: Frankenstein, Part 2
Wed, 13 February – C. Jeffers Liberalism
Thurs, 14 February – L. Penny Flowers of Evil
Mon, 25 February – M. Bennett Darwin: Theories of Evolution
Wed, 27 February – C. Cohoon Nietzsche I: Genealogy of Good and Evil
Thurs, 28 February – R. Barker Modern Transcendence: Richard Wagner and the Total Work of Art


Fri, 1 March – C. Cohoon Nietzsche II: Conscience and the Ascetic Ideal
Mon, 4 March – J. Vusich Japan and Europe: An Artistic Encounter
Wed, 6 March – C. Jeffers Race and Social Change
Thurs, 7 March – S. Kovacs Literature, Performance, and the Critique of Colonialism
Fri, 8 March – R. Barker Realism and the Fin de Siècle: Cutting Down the Orchard
Mon, 11 March – L. Penny & D. Brandes Kafka: The Problem of Our Laws
Wed, 13 March – D. Brandes The Question Concerning Being
Thurs, 14 March – C. Snook Modernist Poetry
Fri, 15 March – S. Clift The Rise of Psychoanalysis
Mon, 18 March – D. Glowacka The Holocaust
Wed, 20 March – L. Penny Feminist Existentialism: The Second Wave
Thurs, 21 March – J. White Early Cinema: Years of Revolution
Fri, 22 March – S. Clift Totalitarianism and World War II
Mon, 25 March – D. Brandes Arendt and the Political
Wed, 27 March – S. Kow Contemporary Art
Thurs, 28 March – S. Boos Discipline and Biopower
Fri, 29 March – M. Bennett The Turn to Language


Mon, 1 April – A. Jeffers Post-Colonial Experiences
Wed, 3 April – C. Taunton Indigenous Art
Thurs, 4 April – L. Penny The Internet and the Digital Revolution
Fri, 5 April – G. McOuat Science in the Twentieth Century and Into the Future