Book a Tour

A campus tour is a great way to experience life at King’s.

We have three tour options to accommodate your needs:

1. The Complete First-Year Experience Tour

Between September and April the campus will be buzzing with excitement!

Monday, Wednesday, or Friday
8:45 – 11:30 a.m.

  • Meet a current student
  • Sit in on a Foundation Year Program lecture
  • Explore the campus
  • Talk to an admissions expert
  • Enjoy an optional complimentary lunch in our dining hall

2. Express Campus Tour

Only have time for a brief visit? You’ll still be able to see what makes King’s so special.

Monday, Wednesday, or Friday
2 – 3:30 p.m.

  • Get a guided tour of the campus from a current student
  • An admissions expert will be on hand to answer your questions

3. Summer Tour

The campus is beautiful in the summer (and a little quieter than usual.) Visiting King’s can be a great part of your Nova Scotian vacation!

All weekdays throughout the summer
10-11:30 a.m. or 2-3:30 p.m.

Get a guided tour of the campus from a current student An admissions expert will be on hand to answer your questions

Before you book a flight, please let us know at least one week ahead so we can be ready. If you have questions, try our FAQ.

Sit in on a Foundation Year lecture

The lecture schedule for the 2019/20 academic year will be available later in the summer.

2018/19 lecture schedule


Mon, 10 September – N. Robertson Greek Epic I: Homer’s Odyssey
Wed, 12 September – N. Robertson Greek Epic II: Homer’s Odyssey
Thurs, 13 September – E. Varto Ancient Art
Fri, 14 September – N. Robertson Greek Epic III: Homer’s Odyssey
Mon, 17 September – M. Wilband Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War
Wed, 19 September – E. Diamond Greek Tragedy: Sophocles’ Antigone
Thurs, 20 September – E. Diamond Greek Comedy: Aristophanes’ Birds
Fri, 21 September – E. Diamond Plato I: Republic and Symposium
Mon, 24 September – E. Diamond Plato II: Symposium
Wed, 26 September – E. Diamond Plato III: Symposium and Republic
Thurs, 27 September – S. Kow Ancient China and Classical Confucianism
Fri, 28 September – I. Stewart Aristotle on Nature


Mon, 1 October – P. O’Brien Ancient Rome I: Virgil’s Aeneid
Wed, 3 October – P. O’Brien Ancient Rome II: Virgil’s Aeneid
Thurs, 4 October – K. Fraser Late Pagan Spirituality and the Quest for Salvation
Fri, 5 October – P. O’Brien Ancient Rome III: Virgil’s Aeneid
Wed, 10 October – N. Hatt The Christian Era in Europe: What do Christians Believe?
Thurs, 11 October – J. Vusich From Material to Immaterial: Christian Art of the Middle Ages
Fri, 12 October – C. Mitchell Muhammad and the Early Muslims: Religion and Politics in 7th century Arabia
Mon, 15 October – N. Robertson Becoming Christian: St. Augustine I
Wed, 17 October – N. Robertson Becoming Christian: St. Augustine II
Thurs, 18 October – K. Cawsey Romance I
Fri, 19 October – N. Robertson Becoming Christian: St. Augustine III
Mon, 22 October – T. Curran The Divine Comedy: Inferno
Wed, 24 October – T. Curran The Divine Comedy: Inferno
Thurs, 25 October – D. Brandes Medieval Judaism and Philosophy
Fri, 26 October – E. Edwards The Divine Comedy: Purgatorio
Mon, 29 October – E. Edwards The Divine Comedy: Purgatorio
Wed, 31 October – E. King The Divine Comedy: Paradiso


Thurs, 1 November – I. Stewart Late Medieval Humanism
Fri, 2 November – E. Edwards Romance II: the Late Medieval
Wed, 7 November – K. Fraser Renaissance Philosophy
Thurs, 8 November – J. Vusich Renaissance Art
Fri, 9 November – S. Kow Renaissance Politics I: Machiavelli
Mon, 19 November – C. Snook The Protestant Reformation: Luther
Wednesday, 21 November – R. Barker The Catholic Reformation: Teresa of Ávila
Thursday, 22 November – S. Kow The Jesuits in China
Friday, 23 November – L. Beck The Americas I: Encounters and Impact
Mon, 26 November – R. Barker Renaissance Ambition
Wed, 28 November – Y. Wassersug Renaissance Politics II: Elizabeth I
Thurs, 29 November – D. Nicol The Americas II: The Settlement at Jamestown and the Discourse(s) of the “New World”
Fri, 30 November – L. Penny The Renaissance Self


Mon, 3 December – D.T. Brandes A Brave New World: Shakespeare’s Tempest
Tuesday, 4 December – K. Morris A New Method: Bacon


Mon, 7 January – N. Robertson Descartes: Self
Wed, 9 January – N. Robertson Descartes: God
Thurs, 10 January – R. Huebert French Neo-Classicism
Fri, 11 January – N. Robertson Descartes: World
Mon, 14 January – S. Boos Hobbes: The Modern State
Wed, 16 January – J. Vusich Baroque Art
Thurs, 17 January – K. Morris A New World
Fri, 18 January – I. Stewart The Newtonian Natural Philosophy
Mon, 21 January – W. Lahey Property and Empire
Wed, 23 January – S. Dodd Rousseau: Society and Inequality
Thurs, 24 January – T. Curran Storm and Stress
Fri, 25 January – S. Dodd Rousseau: Freedom and the State
Mon, 28 January – C. Jeffers The Debate over Slavery
Wed, 30 January – D. Brandes The Kantian Morality
Thurs, 31 January – N. Robertson Jane Austen


Mon, 4 February – R. Barker A Dream of Progress: Introduction and Frankenstein, Part One
Wed, 6 February – S. Dodd Rights and Revolution
Thurs, 7 February – J. Frodyma Romanticism: History, Imagination, and the Sublime
Fri, 8 February – S. Clift Workers of the World, Unite
Mon, 11 February – R. Barker The Challenges of Selfhood: Frankenstein, Part 2
Wed, 13 February – C. Jeffers Liberalism
Thurs, 14 February – L. Penny Flowers of Evil
Mon, 25 February – M. Bennett Darwin: Theories of Evolution
Wed, 27 February – C. Cohoon Nietzsche I: Genealogy of Good and Evil
Thurs, 28 February – R. Barker Modern Transcendence: Richard Wagner and the Total Work of Art


Fri, 1 March – C. Cohoon Nietzsche II: Conscience and the Ascetic Ideal
Mon, 4 March – J. Vusich Japan and Europe: An Artistic Encounter
Wed, 6 March – C. Jeffers Race and Social Change
Thurs, 7 March – S. Kovacs Literature, Performance, and the Critique of Colonialism
Fri, 8 March – R. Barker Realism and the Fin de Siècle: Cutting Down the Orchard
Mon, 11 March – L. Penny & D. Brandes Kafka: The Problem of Our Laws
Wed, 13 March – D. Brandes The Question Concerning Being
Thurs, 14 March – C. Snook Modernist Poetry
Fri, 15 March – S. Clift The Rise of Psychoanalysis
Mon, 18 March – D. Glowacka The Holocaust
Wed, 20 March – L. Penny Feminist Existentialism: The Second Wave
Thurs, 21 March – J. White Early Cinema: Years of Revolution
Fri, 22 March – S. Clift Totalitarianism and World War II
Mon, 25 March – D. Brandes Arendt and the Political
Wed, 27 March – S. Kow Contemporary Art
Thurs, 28 March – S. Boos Discipline and Biopower
Fri, 29 March – M. Bennett The Turn to Language


Mon, 1 April – A. Jeffers Post-Colonial Experiences
Wed, 3 April – C. Taunton Indigenous Art
Thurs, 4 April – L. Penny The Internet and the Digital Revolution
Fri, 5 April – G. McOuat Science in the Twentieth Century and Into the Future