Order of the Ancient Commoner

About the Awards

The Order of the Ancient Commoner recognizes an alumnus/a or friend of the college who has given significant support to the College or to the Alumni Association above and beyond his or her position or affiliation.

The original Ancient Commoner, in the world of King’s lore, was an undergraduate student who, by choice, never graduated, and instead retreated to the cupola overlooking the quad. This student grew old and became the venerable guardian of all things King’s (lore, traditions, etc) and is also highly critical of King’s activities. Since the Ancient Commoner only looks favourably on those he considers to have made a significant contribution without regard for personal gain, the name of the award is apt.

2018 Recipients

Dale Godsoe

As outgoing chair of King’s Board of Governors, Dale Godsoe has given the University of King’s College a legacy of immeasurable worth. She was recognized in 1995 with a Canada Volunteer Award and in 1998, with the Order of Canada. Dale had been a school teacher, Chair of the Halifax School Board, Chair of Mount St Vincent’s Board, worked with women and girls locally and nationally as President of YWCA Canada and Halifax and she was Vice-President External at Dalhousie University. She brought that wealth of experience in education along with the skills and wisdom she garnered serving on boards such as the National Arts Centre, The Women in Media Foundation and the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy among others to the King’s Board when she joined as a co-opted member in 2007. She was appointed to the executive in 2011 and Chair of the Fund Development Committee. Dale assumed the role of Board Chair in 2013 and under her watch King’s made significant advances.

As Chair, Dale, quiet and unassuming, helped the Board handle challenging times through her sincere desire to understand and accommodate differing perspectives. Dale’s wisdom is matched only by her patience and her leadership, both of which has helped the university grow and develop. On June 2, at the Alumni Association Annual Dinner, Dale will be inducted into the Order of the Ancient Commoner.

Elizabeth Parkhouse and Owen Parkhouse

For three decades the University of King’s College has been gifted with the generosity, energy and commitment of Elizabeth Parkhouse, BA’90 and Owen Parkhouse, BA(Hons)’90. As students they took part in much of what King’s offered. Elizabeth played on the women’s volleyball team. Owen played on the men’s team along with the rugby team and he rowed. He worked with the Haliburton Society and was even known for serving tea in his room. After graduation the two married and continued their association with King’s. Owen served on the Alumni Association Executive from 1993-97 and was the alumni rep on the Board of Governors from 1995-97. During the Alumni Associations 150th Anniversary Celebrations in 1996 Elizabeth and Owen chaired a Ceilidh in Prince Hall. In 2016 they were among the first to sign up to host an event on Prince Edward Island for the newly created Worldwide Alumni Celebration (WAC), an event designed to connect alumni to King’s and to each other. They hosted WAC again in 2017, increasing attendance and making a Kingsian splash on the Island with King’s pennants, a King’s flag and specially designed King’s t-shirts. They are already hard at work planning for 2018. Elizabeth and Owen are King’s alumni who are making a difference, theirs is a lifetime commitment that has made the university stronger. On June 2, at the Alumni Association Annual Dinner, Elizabeth and Owen will be inducted into the Order of the Ancient Commoner.