The Bays: A Welcome Home

A generous $2 million gift from Chancellor Debra Deane Little and her spouse, Robert Little, gave us the confidence to take on this large-scale restoration project of Chapel, Middle and Radical Bay at the outset of a pandemic in the summer of 2020–when students were not living in residence.

Thanks are also due to the many other donors who have also generously contributed to this project, understanding its importance to our residential, collegial community.

King’s Director of Facilities, Ian Wagschal, who oversaw the project, brought it in on time and under budget at a total cost of $4.5 million. Good fiscal management meant the university was able to contribute almost $1.3 million.

And now, we ask for your support to help for this, our college’s top priority. Help us raise the remaining $450,000 required to meet this project’s fundraising goal by making a gift today.

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Next, we are turning our attention to Cochran Bay, formerly Alex Hall, the last of ‘the Bays’ in need of renovation. Please contact Adriane Abbott, at if you have questions about the Bays project or your gift.

Join us today in making a gift to the Bays.

Thank you.