Nutrition and Dietary Needs

Sodexo can cater to a variety of dietary needs, including vegan and gluten free. Vegetarian options are always available, and we only serve rain forest certified, fair trade, organic coffee.

Allergies and prescribed diets

Our meal programs accommodate most common food allergies. If you have an allergy or dietary condition, contact us at Sodexo and we will meet with you to discuss your requirements and develop a plan to provide you with the foods you need.

Nutritional information at King’s

  • We prepare/provide a variety of foods and meals, ranging from vegan to gluten free for students on special diets. If you have any questions or special dietary needs, please contact Celine Beland.
  • At King’s, all our oils are trans fat-free. Calorie reduced and low fat options are offered. Juices are 100% fruit or vegetable and low-fat salad dressings are available.
  • Use the nutrition calculator to determine your personal dietary and nutritional information.
  • Eating vegetarian? Read our eating vegetarian flyer for information on balanced vegetarian eating.
  • Find more nutritional information, check out
  • View the newest brochure: Five Tips for Healthy Eating! from Dietitians of Canada.
  • Broccoli – Looking for a vitamin C fix – Are your potassium stores low – Need an iron boost – Look no further than broccoli – Read more

Other wellness resources

The following nutrition tips are provided by registered dietitian Ellen MacIntosh-Harris:

Celine Beland

General Manager, Food Services | 902-422-1271 ext. 155