In June 2024, we began working on the King’s Mental Health Strategy: an action plan to guide us in improving our responses to student mental health in the coming years. We have formed a working group of students, staff and faculty to draft our strategy over summer and fall 2024, aiming to present a completed strategy to the Board of Governors in early winter 2025. This work is being led by Isaac Wright, Student Support Advisor, with support from students, faculty and staff across departments and programs.

For more information or if you’d like to provide feedback, please contact Isaac Wright – isaac.wright@ukings.ca.



Summer 2024: Consultation & Drafting

A working group comprised of 50% students and 50% staff/faculty will determine 5-6 values and 5-6 priority projects to form the outline of the strategy. We will conduct consultation, evaluate program usage data from the past three years and review the mental health strategy documents of other postsecondary institutions and relevant best practice documents, including the National Standard for Postsecondary Student Mental Health and Well-Being.

Status: In progress


Fall 2024: Consultation & Refining

A smaller working group of 50% students and 50% staff will conduct consultation on the Strategy and, based on this consultation, determine specific projects and timelines for completion.

Status: Planned


Winter 2025: Adoption

The Student Support Advisor will bring the Strategy draft to the Standing Committee on Student Life for approval. Following approval, the Student Support Advisor will present the Strategy at the Board of Governors for adoption.

Status: Planned


Winter 2025 and Beyond: Continuous Improvement

The Standing Committee on Student Life will create a working group, chaired by the Student Support Advisor, tasked with ongoing evaluation, progress monitoring, and adoption of the Strategy.

Status: Planned



June 2024

Consultation meetings with representation from departments across the university, including Advising, KSU, Residence, Sexual Health and Safety Officer, Accessibility Officer


Status: Complete


July 2024

  • Individual consultation meetings with staff and faculty from the following departments/programs:  Athletics | Patrol | Residence Life | Chapel | Indigenous Support and Outreach Coordinator
  • University-wide faculty and staff survey
Status: In progress


  • University-wide student survey
Status: Planned


August 2024

Individual consultation meetings with staff and faculty from the following departments/programs:



Status: Planned


October 2024

Student Employee Survey


Status: Planned