Novel Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

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The health and safety of King’s students, faculty and staff remains our highest priority, and it is vital we all do our part to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

We continue to share updates on our community’s effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. We recommend that you read each of them in full, and each successive update that we will provide. Here are some of the key changes that were announced in the past week:

The Province of Nova Scotia declared a state of emergency on Sunday, March 22, 2020. The province’s new measures mean:

    • Nova Scotia’s borders have been tightened to travellers at all entry points (land, sea, air). Anyone entering the province will be stopped, questioned and told to self-isolate for 14 days.
    • Entrance to Nova Scotia is allowed for the pick up of a post-secondary student provided the travel is direct to the post-secondary institution or off-campus residence. Travellers should self-isolate if they stay in Nova Scotia overnight and when they go home.​
    • Group gatherings are limited to no more than five people.
    • People are required to maintain a social distance of at least two metres.
    • Failure to comply with the new measures may result in fines.
    • Read more details about the province’s declaration.
  • Course registration for all returning students is now open. Students can register online and direct registration questions via email: to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Details of remote course delivery are being arranged by professors.
  • Please be reminded that King’s has emergency bursaries available to students experiencing financial needs as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Students can contact and in the Registrar’s Office for more details.
  • Campus buildings are now closed, however, King’s remains operational after having moved to a virtual environment.
  • All inquiries regarding student accounts should be directed to Sharlene Salter at

March 27 — President Lahey’s message to students

Dear King’s students,

I have many messages I want share with you. At the top of the list is my desire to tell you how immensely proud I am of all of you. Much has been asked of you and your families in the last two weeks. You have shouldered massive changes and disappointments and yet you have transitioned with us quickly, offering your support to our collective effort of fighting the spread of this virus. You have done this in the best King’s tradition, by also offering support and friendship to one another at this difficult time.

As ever, the health and safety of King’s community remain our highest priority, and it is vital that we continue to show our willingness to do our part as citizens and a community to reduce transmission of COVID-19.

As you know, the Province of Nova Scotia declared a state of emergency on Sunday. The province’s new measures mean Nova Scotia’s borders have been tightened to travellers at all entry points and anyone entering the province needs to self-isolate for 14 days. 

I want to emphasize an important exception to this rule, which is that entrance to Nova Scotia is allowed for the pick-up of a post-secondary student provided the travel is direct to the post-secondary institution or off-campus residence. Travellers should self-isolate if they stay in Nova Scotia overnight and again for 14 days when they go home.​

At King’s, we achieved social distancing compliance because of you and your efforts. I am grateful to you and your families for working with our Dean of Students and the dons to cooperatively leave our residences so quickly. Our residences are now nearly empty, and it is because of this that we are better able to offer a higher level of safety to the six remaining students who, for a variety of reasons, are simply unable to leave.

And to those of you living off-campus, we appreciate the support you are giving to this collective effort by deciding where best to ride this out and to also doing all that is necessary to keep yourself and others safe.

While pride and gratitude overwhelm my feelings, I acknowledge what is at the heart of this difficult transition. I know this is a tremendously disruptive time and that many of you are filled with profound sadness.

No matter what year you are in or how long you have been a member of this community, this abrupt and unexpected change to the close of our year together has been exceedingly hard for all of us. The rights of passage of each year that do so much to cement our life-long attachment to each other have been taken away from us, and especially from all of you. We understand this and share your sadness and disappointment. We are working on ways of lightening our hearts and bringing us together in new ways.

For example, in addition to starting on-line delivery of FYP this week, FYP faculty began to share “FYP Letters” for FYP students and the wider community, to help us all come together. If you have not yet taken a look, you can find it on the King’s website at

For my part, I address myself particularly to the graduating class of 2020. While I cannot pretend to know exactly what you are feeling, I can say unequivocally that I too am heartbroken about our inability to celebrate Encaenia as planned on May 29. Of all our College celebrations, Encaenia is the most special – the day on which I am most grateful to be part of the King’s community and its traditions. This year was to be special for me in a particular way. Many of you started at King’s when I did; your move-in day was my first move-in day. I cannot express how much I was looking forward to once again being together with you and your families, and all our graduates and their families, to celebrate what we started together.

And so, to you, the class of 2020, whenever you started at King’s and whatever your degree, I make a personal promise. I give you my word that, whatever it takes and however long it takes, we will have Encaenia for the class of 2020 when it is safe for you and for our whole community to celebrate with you. And like all of our Encaenias, it will be a grand and glorious celebration.

As you work to finish your school year, we will continue to communicate with you regularly. You can always get the most up-to-date information at There will be regular communications from members of the college. You will be in contact with your professors. And, at a minimum, I will be sending regular Friday updates as we go through this unprecedented period in history together.

At King’s we have a bond and we are a community, not only for our time together at King’s but for life. The fact that we are now scattered does not change that. In the fullness of time I believe we will see that it will have strengthened our community and our love for each other. Like generations of our graduates who have sustained their friendships nurtured at King’s for a lifetime, we will pull through this together, despite our premature separation. And we will be together again.

Keep your spirits high, for your sake and the sake of those around you. Stay healthy, support each other and do what you can for others as we all stand together in difficult times.


William Lahey
President and Vice-Chancellor

March 26 — New Grade Options for Winter Term

Good evening students,

Dalhousie has just sent a memo regarding grading (below). I would strongly encourage you, in every instance, to work closely with you instructor on developing a plan for successfully completing this term.

The option outlined below will be available to all King’s students in all King’s and Dalhousie courses for this semester. Your inquiries should be directed to the Registrar’s Office at King’s through

Dr. Peter O’Brien

To our Dal student community, we have heard your questions and concerns. We have developed a process to ensure the protection of your academic record, given the unusual and extreme circumstances of the 2020 winter term. We have come up with a number of academic options for you to consider once you receive your final grades.Once grades have been posted to Dal Online, you will be able to choose one of the following options for each of your courses.If you receive a passing grade, you may:

  • keep final letter grade and earn the credit OR
  • request to have your grade changed to “PASS”, which is GPA neutral and does give you credit for the course. This is a good option if you feel that your final grade is not reflective of your overall performance.

If you do not receive a passing grade, you may:

  • request to have the F grade switched to an “ILL”, which is defined on your transcript as “compassionate reasons, or illness”. It does not give you credit for the course, but also does not negatively affect your GPA.

Depending on your circumstance, there may be other options available to you as well.More information will be made available in the Student Support Brightspace page in the coming days. If you recently withdrew from a course (special note, that the withdrawal deadline was previously extended to March 30, 2020), and wish to change your mind, please consult with an advisor at the Bissett Student Success Centre by emailing or calling 902-494- 3077 for next steps.We wish you all the best in the coming weeks as move forward with your classes and exams.


Teri Balser
Provost and Vice-President Academic


Spring/summer term also moving to remote teaching

We have made the difficult decision to move the spring/summer courses, set to begin in May, to remote (distance) teaching. This means in-person classes will not resume on-campus until the fall. Additional details on spring/summer courses will be shared in the coming weeks.

Please watch your inboxes and the Dahousie and King’s websites for forthcoming information, and please continue to take care.

Dr. Peter O’Brien


Dear King’s Graduands of 2020,

You have all worked so hard and are now close to completing your degree. Everyone at King’s was looking forwarding to celebrating this milestone with you at Encaenia on May 29, 2020, and we know that its cancellation is hugely disappointing.

Our graduands—along with the whole King’s Community—look to Encaenia as a symbolic transition point from years of collegial study and living together to the next stage in your journeys. Encaenia is also a time to make fond farewells to friends and teachers, and to celebrate with loved ones. Please know that the decision to cancel it, announced in a joint King’s-Dalhousie communication on March 14 (“Clarifications, Questions and Answers”), while consistent with ongoing government advice concerning public health and wellness in uncertain times, was not made lightly.

Students will still be awarded their degree(s)/credentials. More information will be shared with you in the near future about how you can expect to receive your parchments. Rest assured that we are committed to finding a meaningful way to mark Encaenia 2020. In the current circumstances, we simply don’t know when or what form that will take. As soon as we are able to turn to such considerations, we will.

For the present, I wish you all the best in these difficult times. Please take care of yourselves.


Dr. Peter O’Brien

March 19 — President Lahey's message to Alumni and friends

Dear alumni and friends,

I write to share updates as communicated this past week to our students, faculty and staff pertaining to our ongoing efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Information continues to evolve rapidly; each day fresh news adds to or eclipses messages of the day before. On Friday, King’s and Dalhousie jointly suspended classes, announcing a move to online program delivery starting next week. Both universities asked their residence students who could leave to depart as soon as possible and within days, in coordination with Dalhousie, we began closing King’s facilities, such as the library and gym. We have taken measures to soften the financial consequences of these events for our students, by quickly creating a special bursary program and by offering payment for some of the hours of work our student employees have lost or will lose due to these events. If you have ever wondered whether your annual fund gift makes a difference, I can tell you it certainly does. We are anticipating many of our prospective and returning students will face significant difficulties financing their coming year of education as summer employment opportunities evaporate.

Our response to the pandemic continues. When King’s and Dalhousie suspended classes last week, there were no reported cases of the virus in Nova Scotia; there are now more than 10 with a growing number of cases reported each day. So, we are taking measures to further emphasize the importance of social distancing among students still in residence and to encourage out-of-province day students to make a considered decision about whether to remain in Halifax. We are working to ensure we have arrangements in place for making sure residence students who cannot go home, including some of the NSCAD and Dalhousie students who live with us and some international students from all three universities, are housed and cared for in the longer term as compassionately and safely as is possible. We have also made arrangements to allow virtually all of our staff to work from home and our faculty is doing the same.

In these extraordinary circumstances, unprecedented in the modern life of the College and of our country, our students, faculty and staff have responded with solidarity and the deep concern for each other and our fellow citizens that is characteristic of King’s. I am deeply grateful for the support the academic and administrative leadership of the College has received from our community, as well as to all of our colleagues at Dalhousie for giving tangible meaning at this difficult time to the association between Dalhousie and King’s. I am full of admiration for everyone around me as we continue to work to keep pace with this situation and to do our part in Nova Scotia’s fight against this horrible virus and the threat it poses to our vulnerable fellow-citizens.

Our students have been amazing in facing up to the situation and in offering support to each other, their professors and the College. They have done so with heavy hearts – as one FYP student told me, “I have a broken heart Bill.” Their time together has been suddenly truncated. Concerts, plays and end-of-term events have been cancelled, and we have even had to accept that Encaenia will not be able to proceed as scheduled on May 29. And yet, our students have rallied with forbearance and good cheer, making us all feel better about the days ahead.

During this time, we have also been thinking of you, our extended family of alumni and friends. We are all too aware that everyone is being impacted and none of us are immune to the daily concern for the health of our families, friends and co-workers and the impact on our finances and futures. I am especially mindful that many of you are self-employed, work in service sectors, the performing arts, or other occupations that are likely to be hit hard by all the closures happening, and that others of you are in healthcare or the other front line professions serving us all. The hope, of course, is that we will as individuals and as communities show ourselves equal to the challenge in our resolve to live for each other rather than for ourselves, drawing on the spirit living deeply in the character of everyone who belongs to King’s.

With that in mind, Dr. Neil Robertson thought we might all enjoy listening, in the hours of our separation from each other and the world outside our homes, to a lecture by the late Dr. Angus Johnston originally taped for Halifax Humanities. Neil suggests, “It may be a little dry taken from its context in the series, but I think will be welcome by many alumni.” With that, I trust “Shakespeare’s Tempest: A sea-change to the modern soul” brings you a modicum of comfort and King’s inspiration through these dark times.

Please take care of yourselves, each other and those around you, knowing that you are in the hearts of all us here at King’s.

William Lahey
President and Vice Chancellor

March 19 — Message From the Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office has moved to working remotely as of today, Thursday, March 19. Although this move has happened more quickly than anyone could have anticipated, we are well-equipped to continue to provide support to our students (current and future) and our community.

Registration, Academic and Enrolment Support

Today marks the beginning of the registration period for the 2020/21 academic year for the majority of our students (Journalism students registered yesterday). We are available for email and phone support for registration issues. We are also working with the Advancement Office to provide answers to general registration questions on social media.

We will continue to provide students support as they think through the implications of these challenging circumstances on their academic plans.

Please refer students to

Recruitment and Admissions

Tomorrow we will host our scheduled Open House online. Please contact Yolana ( or Ashleigh ( with any questions.

We are transitioning our normal interactions with applicants and potential applicants to online means. We will continue to accept applications, make decisions and connect with new students throughout this time. Please direct questions to

Financial Awards

The College is offering COVID-19 emergency bursaries. Please direct students to and for further detail.

We will continue to offer financial awards to current and future students.


As you are all experiencing in your own roles, this has been a huge transition during a peak time in the academic year. We have been working hard to minimize the disruption in the service we provide but, obviously, it is challenging. I appreciate your ongoing support as we figure this all out.

I would also like to acknowledge the amazing efforts of all members of the Registrar’s Office and our partners across the College who are going above and beyond in their roles during a stressful time for all.

We will be in touch with those of you we work with on various committees regarding the scheduling of online meetings.


Julie Green


Dear Members of King’s Faculty and Staff,

We are reaching out today with details of how we’re working to support you and your work at King’s. Please consult with your department head, supervisor or their delegate if you have additional questions.

Effective Thursday, March 19, the university remains open. However, in keeping with public health recommendations around social distancing, we are encouraging all faculty and staff who are able to work from home to do so provided that arrangements and approvals are made with department heads, supervisors or their delegates.

  • Employees who are self-isolated but otherwise able to work from home are expected to do so.
  • It is expected that, to the extent possible, anyone working remotely will maintain a normal workload. We recognize this is a challenging time, and certain aspects of our broader community’s response to COVID-19, such as school and daycare closures, could impact the ability of employees to work. Supervisors should make every effort to be flexible in the circumstances.
  • Working from home may require access to appropriate technology. Visit the ITS website (login required) for information about working from home. Speak with your department head, supervisor or their delegate if you have questions about how best to transfer your workstation into a home environment.
  • Despite our collective best efforts, there is no way a situation such as this can ever truly be business as usual. Consider what work is most essential to continue. Take breaks, look after yourself and stay healthy.
  • Employees who are sick will not be required to provide medical documentation or sick notes. Such leaves will be with pay. This time will not be taken from an employee’s vacation or sick leave bank.
  • Finally, this is a stressful time for many in our community. Remember that our Employee and Family Assistance Program is there for you to access at any time .Do not hesitate to reach out if you need support: 1-800-387-4765,

Online Learning

As some employees may wish to use this time as an opportunity to take advantage of online professional development, we wanted to introduce you to the Percipio online learning platform.

Percipio was launched in September 2019 to all Dalhousie employees as a result of change in users expectations demanding simplicity, ease of content discovery, and an aesthetic more like Netflix, Facebook or Spotify. You can customize your learning experience by creating your own learning channels by browsing a rich library of content in multiple disciplines including Leadership Develop, Management Programs, Personal Development, Project Management, IT related certifications and more.

To access Percipio, please click on and click the Log in button to use your NetID and password. You can also access Percipio through your smartphone and tablet. Just type Percipio in your Apple Store or Play Store.

We recognize and appreciate the impact of these circumstances on you and your families. Thank you for stepping up, bringing your best under less-than-ideal circumstances, and continuing your vital contributions to our community.


Dr. Peter O’Brien

Bonnie Sands


Further to yesterday’s email, please be advised that buildings on the University of King’s College campus will be locked at the end-of-day Friday, March 20. The closures will begin at 4 p.m., and all buildings will be locked by 7 p.m. The only exception will be Alexandra Hall, which will remain open until Sunday night to facilitate the easy departure of student residents.

Locking the buildings will secure the campus and ensure the safety of the few remaining occupants. Limiting access is also a social distancing measure, essential to the effort of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Security will now be present on campus 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Staff and faculty can request individual access to buildings by calling Security at (902) 430-7938. Please minimize these requests to only essential visits. Your patience and consideration will help keep our University safe.


Dear Residence Students,

A lot has happened since Friday, when King’s and Dalhousie issued joint directives concerning their respective plans for evacuating residences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At that time, King’s asked all residence students who were able to move out by noon on March 22 to do so. Many of you made quick arrangements to go home and have already left. Thank you. Some of you have plans to leave in the coming days. And a very small number of you have circumstances that preclude you from moving out.

Accelerate your plans to leave

For those students still mobilizing to move out of residence, King’s urges you to accelerate your plans and leave as soon as you’re able. For example, if you can get an earlier flight, book it now. King’s has emergency bursary funds available if you require financial assistance to assist with increased travel costs. Contact and in the Registrar’s Office for more details. Today, Porter Airlines announced its plans to suspend service at the end of Friday. Further restrictions on your mobility could be implemented; for example, for now there is no limit on inter-provincial travel but that may not continue to be the case.

Last Friday, there were no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia. As of today, there are 12 (9 presumptive, 3 confirmed). Public health officials tell us this will continue to increase and at an accelerated speed. We also know Coronavirus spreads through close contact and the only way to stop it in its tracks is to self-isolate.

Social distancing enforced

Everyone who remains in residence, or comes to campus for any reason, must strictly adhere to public health recommendations around social distancing. This is no longer a recommendation—it is a rule. You must remain a minimum of two metres apart from one another. Do not attend social gatherings. Do not hug your roommate goodbye. For everyone’s health and safety, make social distancing your practice, along with proper hand-washing protocols and not touching your face.

Dalhousie and NSCAD students

Lastly, we are working to support Dalhousie and NSCAD students living at King’s:

  1. NSCAD students: If you can’t leave King’s residence by March 22, contact Joann Farmer at
  2. Dalhousie students: If you can’t leave King’s residence by March 22, and you are an international student, contact If your financial situation precludes you from leaving, contact

International students who cannot return home and students unable to leave for extraordinary reasons

Our intention is to help everyone who is unable to leave find a place to live. We will work with you to make that happen.

We understand these are highly unusual and stressful times. Thank you for understanding and working with us to help protect everyone’s health and wellness.

Katie Merwin
Dean of Students

William Lahey
President and Vice Chancellor
University of King’s College

March 18 — Message from the Bursar’s Office

Dear Members of the King’s Community,

Please be advised that the Bursar’s Office will be working remotely as of Thursday, March 19. The purpose of this message is to inform you of how we plan to continue our operations during this time.


  • Permanent and contract faculty and staff – monthly payroll deposits will continue as well as all employee benefits.
  • Casual employees – department heads and program directors should continue to email timesheets to Dolly as usual at
  • A communication will be going out in the near future to department heads and program directors regarding student employees whose anticipated hours of work will have come to an end or are anticipated to do so in the near future because of COVID 19.
  • For all payroll inquiries please email Dolly McIntyre at or at
  • This is a stressful time for many in our community. We would like to remind faculty and staff that King’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is there for you to access at any time. Please reach out if you need support at 1-800-387-4765 or

Student Accounts

  • All inquiries regarding student accounts should be directed to Sharlene Salter at
  • Students requesting a refund as a result of residence withdrawals should contact to obtain a banking information form for direct deposit. We are unable to process cheques at this time.
  • Registration holds on outstanding accounts related to winter term fees have been temporarily lifted to allow for registration. These outstanding fees will need to be paid by April 15. If outstanding fees are not paid by April 15, holds will be reinstated and registration in the summer and fall/winter terms may be removed. Please contact if you have any overdue amount that you are not able to pay before April 15.
  • Payments on student accounts should be paid via online banking. Please refer to the payment guide for more information.

Accounts Payable

  • Purchase orders (POs), Visa transactions, vendor invoices and payments will continue during this time.
  • All vendor payments will be made through electronic funds transfer (EFT). To obtain a vendor EFT form for direct deposit, please contact We are unable to process cheques at this time. Vendors who wish to continue being paid by cheque should expect a delay in payment.
  • All vendor invoices should be emailed to King’s at since access to physical mail will be limited during this time.
  • All inquiries pertaining to accounts payable should be directed to Peggy MacIsaac at

Accounts Receivable (i.e., invoicing by King’s to outside parties)

  • Invoicing will continue to be done by Tami Kendell in the Bursar’s Office. Please email the pertinent information to her for the creation of the invoice.
  • For payments, we are recommending that our customers pay King’s via online banking. Tami will communicate this directly to all customers who receive an invoice from King’s.
  • Please forward inquiries to Tami Kendell at


  • Year-end will proceed as planned. The year-end deadlines as stated in Jackie Digout’s email of March 3, 2020 (addressed to department heads, program directors and support staff) still apply. The manual cheque deadline of April 6 will still apply but will apply to EFT payments.
  • Please forward all year-end inquiries to Jackie Digout at If you are unable to locate the March 3 year-end email, please reach out to Jackie.
  • For all other inquiries please contact Bonnie Sands, Bursar at or

All email accounts will be actively monitored while voicemail will be checked daily.

These are unprecedented times and we sincerely appreciate everyone’s patience as we make every effort to operate our office in a “business as usual” manner albeit in a modified fashion.

Stay safe everyone,

Bonnie Sands

March 16 - Update from the University of King’s College Library

Starting Wednesday, March 18, the University of King’s College Library will be closed for three weeks. This decision is consistent with that of Dalhousie with regard to Dalhousie libraries. The Dalhousie announcement is available here.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17, the King’s Library will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Health and wellness of the King’s Library users and staff is our top priority. The difficult decision to close is based on advice from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam, who has said that our opportunity to “flatten the curve” is now.

We recognize that not every student has a computer or internet access. Dalhousie’s Kellogg Library Learning Commons in the Collaborative Health Education Building (CHEB) will be open from 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday from Wednesday, March 18 onward, to provide access to computers and internet-based scholarly resources for students.

Online services will continue to be available during the closure, including research and reference assistance through LiveHelp.

Over the coming weeks, the Library will be assessing the situation and communicate plans for going forward after that.

Thank you for your patience as we do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. Please send questions or comments to and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

Peter O’Brien, Vice-President
Janet Hathaway, Interim University Librarian and Archivist

March 14 - Updated Registration Dates & Times

As noted in the latest university-wide update #5 regarding COVID-19, registration for returning students has been adjusted to better support our campus community as we transition to temporary remote (distance) delivery of courses.

Registration will now open on Wednesday March 18, 2020.  The registration dates and times for your specific faculty are listed below. Please refer to Dal Online for your specific assigned registration time under “Check Your Registration Status.”

Updated Registration Dates & Times

March 18 at 7:30am: Returning and transfer students in the Faculties of Agriculture, Architecture and Planning, Engineering, Health, Graduate Studies and Journalism

March 19 at 6:00am, 8:00am and 10:00am: Returning and transfer students in the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Computer Science, Management and Science

The Registrar’s Offices at both Dalhousie and King’s are here to support you with all matters related to registration (e.g. requiring an instructor’s approval, online overrides, systems errors, and general inquiries). We appreciate your patience as we work through this unprecedented situation.

March 14 - Clarification, questions and answers

PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE IN FULL. Also, please check your university email regularly in the days and weeks ahead. While we will continue to update our websites (,, the latest news will be shared with you via email.

We’ve received many questions since our universities’ communication yesterday afternoon. We don’t have answers to all of them yet, but there are others we can address or clarify with what we know at this point. We appreciate your patience as we work through this unprecedented situation to ensure that, despite these disruptions, our students will be able to complete their academic term. We will be reassessing and evaluating the situation continuously and issuing regular communication updates.



  • To be absolutely clear, in-person classes, in-person labs and in-person exams will not resume this term. Any course delivery will occur through temporary remote (distance) teaching – in most cases, this will mean online delivery through tools such as Brightspace.
  • Instruction will be paused next week (March 16-20). This is to allow instructors time to develop their plan for distance teaching through to the end of the semester. Note that instruction in existing online courses will also be paused next week to allow students and instructors time to focus on transitioning to the new circumstances.
  • Instructors will be confirming plans for distance course continuation and exams with students by Wednesday, March 18. As noted, in most cases, this will be online, but there will likely be some variation. After receiving these instructions, students requiring accommodation should contact their instructor.
  • Students should expect instruction to resume (via distance) on Monday, March 23.
  • Clinical placements, research activities, co-op work placements and King’s journalism workshops (online only) are continuing.

Fall Registration

  • Registration for returning Dalhousie students will go ahead next week as planned, but will open on Wednesday, March 18 instead of Monday, March 16. This is being moved to better support our campus community at this time. More detailed information will be shared with you from the Registrar’s Office.

Residence and campus buildings/services

  • Residence remains open for those who are unable to leave (for reasons such as international travel or personal circumstances). Dining halls also remain open.
  • Those students who are able to move out should do as soon as possible — by no later than March 22. Those who do will receive a prorated refund (room and meal plan) deposited to their student account. Please contact the Residence Office if you have further questions.
  • Campus buildings remain open and operating. This includes recreation facilities such as Dalplex, university libraries and learning commons spaces, Student Health and Wellness, Registrar’s offices and Student Accounts, etc. Please note that hours of operation may vary from normal hours in order to accommodate changing circumstances. Check online hours if you have any questions.

Student inquiries

  • We know students have many questions about this situation. We are in the process of setting up dedicated phone and email support lines to help answer your inquiries and will share these contacts with you early next week.
  • Details (including FAQs) will be updated regularly at and

All university community members


  • As stated yesterday, all non-essential university events are cancelled or postponed. At this point, this is in effect until June 1 at a minimum. Do not book university events until further notice as we continue to monitor the situation.
  • This cancellation, regrettably, includes Dalhousie Convocation and King’s Encaenia ceremonies scheduled for May 2020. Students will still be awarded their degree(s)/credentials. More information will be shared with prospective graduates in the near future about how they can expect to receive their parchments.

Travel and self-isolation

  • As stated yesterday, all those who have travelled internationally or from any provinces with confirmed cases of COVID-19 should self-isolate upon their return for 14 days. We are consulting with external partners (including Public Health) on these parameters. If they change, we will let you know. Please note these parameters are effective as of time of notification (5 p.m., Friday, March 13)
  • As a reminder, all non-essential university travel is suspended. Do not book university travel. This suspension will be until June 1 at a minimum.

At this time, additional questions can be sent to and we will get back to you as best we can. We will continue to update information, including FAQs, at and

Please continue to take care of yourselves. Look out for your own health, and also the health of others. We will have more updates for you next week.


Teri Balser
Provost and Vice-President Academic
Dalhousie University

Ian Nason
Vice-President Finance and Administration
Dalhousie University

Peter O’Brien
University of King’s College

March 13 - Message from President Lahey

Dear students,
You just received an email jointly sent by Dalhousie University’s President Deep Saini and myself. Please read it through to the end.

In addition,

  • Details of remote course delivery will be arranged by your professors
  • FYP students will hear directly from FYP interim director Dr. Susan Dodd
  • If you live in residence, you will soon receive a detailed procedural email from the Dean of Students, Katie Merwin
  • If you have academic advising questions, contact the Registrar’s Office by emailing
  • Existing student employment will continue
  • Students requiring an emergency bursary can find out more by emailing or

The university remains open including the library, computer labs, gym, chapel and Prince Hall (subject, possibly, to reduced hours). The Registrar’s Office will be open this weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday and Sunday. Updates will be posted to

Your health and safety continue to be our top priority. Whatever questions or concerns you may have, please bring them forward.


William Lahey
President and Vice Chancellor

P: (902) 422-1271
C: (902) 456-4764

March 13 - Coordinated response to COVID-19 from King’s and Dalhousie’s Presidents

In the interest of ensuring alignment between our affiliated institutions, we are sending this update jointly to our respective Dalhousie and King’s communities in Halifax, Truro and elsewhere. Please review this entire message carefully as there are several new developments.

Over the past several weeks, we have been preparing diligently for the impacts of COVID-19. We know our community is large and complex, with significant mobility of our people. Given the current public health situation, and in consultation with both Nova Scotia Public Health and government officials as well as our other postsecondary partners, it is time for our institutions to take concrete measures to encourage social distancing and limit the spread of the virus. The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff is highest priority, and it is vital we do our part to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. These measures reflect our unique circumstances for Dalhousie and King’s. We recognize the situation for other institutions may be different and those institutions may need to respond differently.

We have taken many measures to date and are announcing additional measures today in response to the latest information from Public Health. We ask your patience as we work through additional details and decisions and will share more next week.

In-person classes suspended next week

In-person classes and labs for Dalhousie and King’s students will be suspended next week (March 16-20) as a preventative measure to increase social distancing and allow instructors time to shift to alternative means of teaching.

We are working to ensure that, despite these disruptions, students will be able to complete their academic year. Our intention is to begin transitioning classes into a temporary remote teaching environment (such as online, etc.) for the remainder of the term. We expect classes will be suspended at least a week before they recommence. Instructors will receive further instructions through their Deans or Program Directors in the coming days. In-person exams will not take place on campus. More details to come next week. We will be consulting with CONSUP (Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents) and NS Public Health on next steps.

Clinical placements, research activities and co-op work placements are continuing.

Residences — those who can move out are encouraged do so

Residences remain open. We request those students who are able to move out to do so by Sunday, March 22. Please be assured that anyone who cannot return home for reasons such as international travel restrictions, serious personal reasons, or university obligations will continue to be provided accommodation. Those who move out by March 22 will receive a prorated refund (room and meal plan) deposited to their student account. Please note, for students’ continued safety we reserve the right to move students to another residence. Students in residence can expect to receive additional information by email shortly.

University remains open

University offices and buildings remain open. Our decision to suspend classes represents a measure to reduce large gatherings of people in line with public health advice. Research operations will continue.

Further information on HR procedures for employees are being provided to leaders across the university shortly. Please consult with your director, department chair or supervisor for more information.

Cancellation of events and activities

In line with Public Health advice, non-essential university-sanctioned events must be cancelled or postponed at this time. The Dalhousie Presidential Installation (March 30) is also cancelled and may be rescheduled to a later date. The situation with campus events will be reassessed as we go forward.

All non-essential university travel suspended, self-isolation for travellers

All non-essential student, faculty and staff travel for university purposes is now suspended. Any exceptions must be approved by the Provost, or in the case of King’s, the Vice-President.

In line with Public Health advice, all those who have travelled internationally or from any provinces with confirmed cases of COVID-19 should self-isolate upon their return for 14 days. For employees, this time will not be taken from an employee’s vacation or sick leave bank; employees are expected to work from home, where possible.

Final thoughts

A reminder that the Public Health Agency of Canada and Nova Scotia Public Health remain the best source for up-to-date public information on this rapidly changing situation. More information related to Dalhousie can be found at and related to King’s at In the coming days we will continue to update our Frequently Asked Questions on those sites to address common concerns.

These are exceptional times, unprecedented in the modern history of our institutions. We know these measures represent a significant disruption to our operations. No aspect of our mission is unaffected. We are, truly, all in this together.

To our students… we are doing everything we can to limit the impact on your studies, and we are here to support you. We know this is a stressful time. Practise empathy with your peers and reach out if you need support of any kind.

To our faculty, staff and instructors… your commitment to our students and their academic experience is what makes Dalhousie and King’s such great institutions. We know that commitment remains strong. We’re here for what you need in making this difficult situation work for our students.

To everyone in our shared community… Ours is a strong community — and that strength is grounded in our compassion for one another. Now is the time to draw on that strength as we come together and prepare to come through this situation even stronger and more compassionate. Be kind to each other.


Deep Saini
President and Vice-Chancellor
Dalhousie University

William Lahey
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of King’s College

University of King's College

Nova Scotia Public Health says that good hygiene remains the best defence and they encourage people to:

  • wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use hand sanitizer
  • cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue (throw the tissue away)
  • limit contact with others when you’re sick
  • limit touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • don’t share items that may have saliva on them like utensils and bottles/glasses
  • clean surfaces like taps, doorknobs, and countertops often

Additional COVID-19 information and resources