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Vaccinations & Community Care

Vaccinations & Community Care

Covid-19 boosters now available for Nova Scotia residents 18 and older

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Proof of full vaccination procedures

King’s and Dalhousie have a proof-of-full-vaccination policy that remains in effect until at least May 1. Please read the March 2 update in full.

It’s King’s best shot.

Like people around the world, the King’s community has refrained from gathering together during the Covid-19 pandemic. Returning to campus in September 2021 marked a major milestone on the path back to the in-person experience of King’s–from attending lectures to Quad life–that we have all missed.

Keeping our community safe is vital as we work toward this goal. Full vaccination for those who are able, in combination with regular, rapid Covid-19 testing and following Public Health guidelines are crucial steps to ensure a safe and successful return to campus.

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Vaccination and Testing Requirements

King’s and Dalhousie have a proof-of-full-vaccination policy. Please read the updates below

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Covid-19 testing kits

The Covid-19 screening clinic is located in the lobby of the Arts & Administration building. Rapid screening kits are available for pickup. Self-screening is no longer available at the clinic.

Members of the King’s community can pick up one package of two screening tests per week. The clinic is open at the following times:

Monday: 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Tuesday: 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 12:30-2 p.m.
Thursday: 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Friday: 1:30–3 p.m

Screening kits are limited to King’s students, faculty, and staff who do not have symptoms of Covid-19. If you have symptoms of Covid-19, please stay at home or contact your Don if you are in Residence.

Check out our Q & A with President, Bill Lahey and King’s Sexual Health and Safety Officer, Jordan Roberts for a talk about vaccines. Watch to see how King’s implements community care and bodily autonomy into our pandemic plan.

Vaccination Survey

513 students, faculty and staff responded to our July 2021 vaccination survey. As we return to campus keeping everyone safe is vital and we are pleased to have a community working together towards that goal.

513 students, faculty and staff responded
389 fully vaccinated
116 first vaccination
5 getting first and/or second vaccination after arriving in Nova Scotia
3 cannot vaccinate for medical reasons



In difficult times like these, our individual contributions may seem small compared with the threat of the virus, or the limitation of our freedoms, but when we act together these contributions become mighty.

President William Lahey
President William Lahey

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