Course Delivery

Students will have the option to register for this course to be taken in person, or online with asynchronous lectures and synchronous tutorials.


  • Section 1 In person delivery Monday and Wednesday, 1435-1524 Alumni Hall
  • Section 2 On-line Asynchronous Session

Students registered in Section 1 must register for Tutorial 1, 2, 3 or 4.  Students registered in Section 2 must register in Tutorial 5.


  • Tutorial 1 Wednesday, 1535-1625 Haliburton
  • Tutorial 2 Wednesday, 1535-1625 Seminar
  • Tutorial 3 Thursday, 1435-1525 Haliburton
  • Tutorial 4 Friday, 1435-1525 Haliburton
  • Tutorial 5 Thursday, 1535-1625 On-line Synchronous Session

This course covers the historical foundations of what we now call modern science: its theoretical developments, conceptual puzzles and shifting social contexts. Open to first year students and above (whether pursuing a BA or BSc degree), it serves as the indispensable preparation for its modern counterpart, Introduction to the History of Science II.

Cross-listing: HSTC 2211.03, HIST 2075.03, SCIE 2001.03