Course Delivery

Students will have the option to register for this course to be taken in person, or online with asynchronous lectures and synchronous tutorials.


  • Section 1 In person delivery Monday and Wednesday, 1435-1524 Alumni Hall
  • Section 2 On-line Asynchronous Session

Students registered in Section 1 must register for Tutorial 1, 2, 3 or 4. Students registered in Section 2 must register in Tutorial 5.


  • Tutorial 1 Wednesday, 1535-1625 Haliburton
  • Tutorial 2 Wednesday, 1535-1625 Seminar
  • Tutorial 3 Thursday, 1435-1525 Haliburton
  • Tutorial 4 Friday, 1435-1525 Haliburton
  • Tutorial 5 Thursday, 1535-1625 On-line Synchronous Session

This course covers the historical foundations of what we now call modern science: its theoretical developments, conceptual puzzles and shifting social contexts. Open to first year students and above (whether pursuing a BA or BSc degree), it serves as the indispensable preparation for its modern counterpart, Introduction to the History of Science II.

Cross-listing: HSTC 2211.03, HIST 2075.03, SCIE 2001.03

This course covers the creation of modern science, from the radical changes of the Enlightenment to contemporary notions of technoscience and our place in nature and the cosmos. It follows the themes and contexts introduced in Introduction to the History of Science I and is open to first year students and above (whether pursuing a BA or BSc degree).

Cross-listing: HSTC 2212.03, HIST 2076.03, SCIE 2002.03