Legal issues will be part of any journalist’s career. Whether you are a Hollywood reporter on the celebrity beat, or a political reporter covering Parliament Hill, you will need to understand the law as it applies to journalists and their subjects.

This course is an introduction to the Canadian justice system and the specific laws that govern how journalists do their jobs. The goal is to give students and working journalists an understanding of Canada’s court structure, legal principles, and criminal and civil procedure. Bans on publication, contempt of court, libel law, media access to the courts, confidentiality of sources and other media-law issues will be examined. The format combines lectures with forum discussions featuring lawyers, prosecutors, judges and other players in the justice system. News Media & the Courts in Canada is made possible by the Law Foundation of Nova Scotia.

Cross-Listings: CANA 3333.03
Prerequisites: JOUR 1001.06 or CANA 2000.06 or permission of the Instructor