Basic school begins June 18, mapping/GIS school June 25

We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of the King’s summer schools in data journalism. We invite you to come to Halifax in June of 2018 for Canada’s premier boot camps in basic data journalism skills, the Summer School in Data Journalism and the mapping and GIS school.

Since 2008, we’ve trained more than 100 journalists from small weekly papers right on up to the country’s largest and most prominent news organizations, including the Canadian Press, Toronto Star and the CBC. And we welcome journalism academics and those from other fields who would like to apply these powerful tools in their work.

The schools are coordinated by Fred Vallance-Jones, a pioneer in data journalism in Canada who leads the university’s masters program in investigative data journalism.

No experience necessary

Learn how to get data off the web, analyze it, and display it online. With a full week of training, it’s enough time to learn and consolidate the skills, so you’re ready to put them to work. This year, we are once again recognizing the difficult times many journalists find themselves in with downsized newsrooms and making our discounted rate available to journalists displaced from major media newsrooms in the past 12 months. We hope this helps displaced journalists get back to work in the business they love.

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