The Dalhousie University Faculty of Arts & Social Science is hosting the 2013 Canada Council Killam Prize Winner Lecture for the Humanities on Friday, 20 September 2013, 4.00 PM. 

Dr Paul Thagard, professor of philosophy and the director of the cognitive science program at the University of Waterloo, will deliver the lecture "Eureka! How Creative Intuition Results from Three Brain Mechanisms". 

The lecture will take place in the Scotiabank Auditorium, Marion McCain Building, University Avenue. A reception will follow.

When Archimedes shouted "Eureka! I have found it!", he was experiencing self-consciousness of creativity. Understanding this phenomenon is the ultimate challenge for cognitive science, because it requires simultaneous solution of three of its major problems: the nature of the self, consciousness, and creativity. This talk will argue that all three problems have the same solution based on three fundamental computational mechanisms: neural representation, recursive binding, and interactive competition.