The 2017 Robert Darwin Crouse Memorial Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Paige (Davidson) Hochschild. Dr. Hochschild is a graduate of the University of King’s College (BA) and Dalhousie University (MA), and received her PhD from the University of Durham. She currently teaches theology at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland, with her research focusing especially on Augustine and Origen. Her book Memory in Augustine’s Theological Anthropology was published by Oxford University Press in 2012. Paige is among the many students of King’s and Dalhousie who studied at the feet of Fr. Dr. Robert Crouse, and we are honoured that she will deliver the 2017 Robert Crouse Memorial Lecture, “Memoria and the Great Books Tradition of the University of King’s College.” Dr. Crouse often spoke of memoria (memory) and tradition as essential to understanding our present condition and renewing the ground of our future hope.


Dr. Paige (Davidson) Hochschild


Fr. Dr. Robert Crouse

At 7.30 PM Paul Halley, Music Director of the King’s College Chapel, will offer fifteen minutes of organ music in honour of Dr. Crouse who was an organist and harpsichordist.  For decades, many people would look forward to the summer concert series at Saint Mary’s Church in Crousetown behind which Dr. Crouse was the driving force.  Dr. Paige Hochschild’s lecture will immediately follow the brief recital.

“Memory is the ground of our attention in the present and our expectation of the future…The concreteness and sanity of our present understanding and judgements will depend quite radically upon the clarity and integrity of memory.” -Dr. Robert Crouse

Header image: St Augustine and St. Monica, Luca Giordano (1634-1705)