Thursday March 24, 2016
KTS Lecture Hall
2nd Floor New Academic Building
University of King’s College

University of King’s College Advanced Television Workshop 2016

Instructor: S. Hamilton
Twitter: @maroonfilms

Student journalists at King’s will screen their TV documentaries in their entirety. The event is free and open to the public.

Sixteen and Fighting

Maddison Miles has received more punches, body slams, and chokeholds than most sixteen year-olds. She’s the only female professional wrestler in Halifax, Sixteen and Fighting follows her life inside – and outside – the ring.


Bahej Melli arrived in Halifax with his family on his 16th birthday after leaving war-torn Syria in 2012. As Bahej begins to get his childhood back, the label of “refugee” is slowly being stripped away.

Watch Out

Mitchell Bailey is an 18 year old rapper from Cape Breton who is determined to be a worldrenowned hip-hop artist one gig at a time, without the bagpipes and fiddles.

The Witch Next Door

The Witch Next Door is about Pamela McInnis, a Halifax witch. It focuses on her craft and why she opened her store, “The Neighbourhood Witch,” as a safe space for other witches in the community.

A Beautiful Thing To Do

A Beautiful Thing To Do tells the story of Ed Belzer, an elderly farmer in rural Nova Scotia. Now that the time has come for him to leave his farm, Ed reflects on his poetic connection to his horses and to the land he has called home for decades.


Adam Deveau is training for an Ironman triathlon. He’s also chasing the disease that nearly killed him.