The University of King’s College hosted the 2019-20 ACAA Badminton Championships in the Kingdome yesterday.  Mount Allison University, Dalhousie Agricultural Campus, Saint Anne and King’s College were all vying for the coveted banner and gold medal.  After an exciting day of play, UKC came out on top for the third consecutive year.  MTA earned the silver.

UKC’s Fiona Purdy topped the women’s singles category after an tight final match with USA’s Choe Moisan (21-17, 16-21, 21-16).  Jack Ronahan, also from UKC, won men’s singles.

In the women’s doubles category, MTA’s Kelsey MacKinnon and Mintra Taylor won all their sets to finish first.  For the men, UKC’s Bryce Mason and Riel Tetreault battled hard against MTA’s Will Ngo and Andrew Cundhill (21-15, 19-21, 21-16) to win their division.

The combination of Jack Gillies and Katherine Zhu from UKC won mixed doubles.

Host: University of King’s College

45 Points

Université Sainte-Anne

25 Points

Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus

19 Points

Mount Allison University

36 Points
National Qualifiers:
Mixed Doubles – Kelsey MacKinnon and Josef Gonzalez, MTA
Women’s Doubles – Fiona Purdy and Katherine Zhu, UKC
Men’s Doubles – Jack Ronahan and Bryce Mason, UKC
Women’s Singles – Chloe, USA
Men’s Singles – Jack Gillies, UKC