Even if you couldn't be on the quad for the Anniversary Weekend, you can still experience some of the highlights. Go to www.kings225.ca to catch all the passion and the action of The Debaters and the Chancellor's Colloquium. Here are the details:

The Debaters, 28 June 2014

Dr Angus Johnston and student Meg Shields went  head-to-head against Dr Laura Penny and student Alex Bryant on the topic Ancients vs Moderns. The inimitable Dr John Godfrey moderated.

Professor Stephen Kimber and Evey Hornbeck (BJH '12) took on Professor Sue Newhook and MJ student Dave Lostracco over the topic Be it resolved that Twitter is the future of news. . . Dr John Godfrey sat in the moderator's chair.

Chancellor's Colloquium, 28 June 2014

Chancellor Kevin Lynch will led panelists Don Harrison (BAH '95), Amelia Hadfield (BAH '96), Karim Mahmud (BA '88), and Daragh Russell (BAH '94) in a discussion on The Role of Liberal Arts in our Global World.