The Study Day is an opportunity for scholars with an interest in Boethius and his influence on later writers to meet together for an exchange of views. Proceedings will be semi-formal; short papers will be presented on different aspects of the Boethian corpus, and on his reception by writers such as Dante and Chaucer. Topics include philosophy in poetry, the philosophy of consolation, and the King’s/Dalhousie readings of Boethius. The intent is to increase understanding, to learn from colleagues, and to interest students in this important thinker, whose legacy stretched over the entirety of the middle ages. All are welcome.

Includes papers on:

Consolation and Prayer

Philosophical Poetry

Boethius and Crouse

Dante’s Boethius

Chaucer’s Boethius

Speakers include:

Michael Fournier

Wayne Hankey

Neil Robertson

Thomas Curran

Ian Stewart

Elizabeth Edwards

And others…