The King’s Chapel invites you on a hike to Cape Split on Saturday, September 22.

This is an ideal chance to get out of the quad and get to know Nova Scotia in its extraordinary natural beauty. Meet new friends; meet old rocks.

The hike is about two hours each way over an even path. We will hike together to the cape, pause for a good while on the cape to eat lunch, soak up the sun (or rain), talk, draw, write, read, gaze over the Bay of Fundy. Dinner will be provided at the end of the day. Further details about the shape of the day, what to bring, etc. can be found on the registration forms at the back of the chapel.

If you want to come, fill out a form from the back of the chapel and give it to Stephanie Boudreau at the A&A front desk by 5pm Wednesday.

If you have any questions, contact Sarah Griffin (