The University of King’s College will host the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association National Badminton Championships March 5th-7th.

The tournament will open Thursday with preliminary round-robin games at the Canada Games Centre in Clayton Park (26 Thomas Raddall Drive) with the semi-finals Friday from 4-7pm and the finals on Saturday from 10am-5pm at our own King’s Gymnasium.

In addition to hosting the event, King’s will represent the ACAA in women’s doubles after Lacey Banman and Maddie Alvarez qualified for the nationals at last week’s ACAA championships. King’s Badminton coach Ryan McIntosh is also participating as a coach for the ACAA team.

Here are the games featuring the King’s double’s team:

March 5th 11am-2pm

Court 1: Rosalynn Chong & Veronica Yeung (PACWEST) v. Maddie Alvarez & Lacey Banman (ACAA)

March 5th 2pm-5pm

Court 2: Kai-Li Huang & Hellena Fedoretz (ACAC1) v. Maddie Alvarez & Lacey Banman (ACAA)

March 5th  5pm – 8pm  

Court 3:  Mary Smith & Samantha Clutton (ACAC2) v. Maddie Alvarez & Lacey Banman (ACAA)

March 6th  9am – 12pm  

Court 2: Maddie Alvarez & Lacey Banman (ACAA) v. Christina Duong & Michelle Chow (OCAA2)

March 6th 12pm – 3pm

Court 2: Suzy Yan & Yan Zhou (OCAA1) v. Maddie Alvarez & Lacey Banman (ACAA)

For a complete schedule, visit the CCAA website.