The theme of each of our Retreats is the practice of loving attention to self, to others, and to the natural order. Each Retreat also features a guest speaker who introduces a topic for conversation and discussion. At this Retreat we have invited two speakers who have invested their celebrated careers to journeying with persons at the end of their natural lives in order to assist them to experience the greatest ‘well- being’ possible. The theme of “memento mori” has a philosophical history at least as old as Plato’s Phaedrus. And as much as our 21st century entertainment culture tries to protect us from embracing the process of dying, medical advances that have prolonged aging and aggressively treats cancers in younger persons invites us to explore how our notions of Beauty, Truth, Desire and Love might be re-imagined, re-awakened and deeply experienced in a thoughtful and reflective embrace of our final journey.

About our speakers

Dr . Gregory Videtic is a well-known and respected Oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, highly published in academic journals. He is noted especially for his uncompromised commitment to accompany his patients on their final journey with courage and beauty. Greg is an avid reader of literature and poetry, enjoys running, and supports the Cleveland Indians, the Cleveland Orchestra, various forms of modern dance and theatre. He and his partner live in Cleveland Heights with a dear little dog who answers to the name Millie.

Bob Tees assists persons nearing the end of life with the discovery of heightened experiences of meaning and love. Earlier in his career, he worked with college and university students, the homeless, and as a Long-Term Care chaplain. Throughout his career, Bob has embraced and often enabled the use of music and art in spiritual care interventions, believing that beauty and creativity make a terrific contribution to healing and comfort.


Applications for the retreat may be found at the Reception Desk, University of King’s College, Arts & Academic Building and at the back of the Chapel. Completed form with signed waiver and fees must be given to Stephanie Boudreau at the same location on or before 30 January at 5pm. Spaces are limited. Acceptance will be determined on a first come, first serve basis