What courses should you register for? How do you use the registration system once you know what courses you want to take?  Join the Registrar’s Office in Alumni Hall at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 14. With the help of Dr. David Matthias, Assistant Dean of Arts and Dr. Christine Beauchamp, Assistant Dean of Science, they’ll answer all your questions and more!

Course registration will take place on Monday, March 21st for journalism students and on Tuesday, March 22nd for arts and science students. Be sure to check Dal Online to see what time you are eligible to register. Students are assigned individual registration times to prevent the system from overloading. You should register as close to your assigned time as possible to get the best course options.

If you have any questions about course selection or enrolment, please do not hesitate to stop by the Registrar’s Office for assistance. We can also be reached by email at terra.bruhm@ukings.ca, kate.bray@ukings.ca, jacob.glover@ukings.ca or by phone at 422-1271 ext. 123, ext. 108 or ext. 103. From March 7th to March 20th, additional advising appointments will be available on evenings and weekends. Appointments fill up quickly so be sure to book ahead of time. To book an appointment you can stop by the office, send us an email or contact us by phone.