Don Juan was a fictional libertine whose story has been told many times by many authors. The figure of Don Juan in literature and opera will be explored in a Study Day on Saturday, 3 May in the KTS Lecture Room, Academic Building, University of King’s College.

     9: 30 AM     Registration
    10:00 AM     Introduction to the day – Dr Neil Robertson
    10:10 AM     Dr Roberta Barker on the drama by Tirso da Molina
    10:50 AM     Dr Jure Gantar (Dalhousie Department of Theatre) on Moliere’s Don Juan
    11:30 AM     Coffee break
    11:45 AM     Dr Tom Curran on Don Juan/Don Giovanni as romantic hero
    12:30 PM     Quiche lunch
     2:00 PM     Ken Schwartz (director of Opera Nova Scotia's Don Giovanni) on staging Don Giovanni.
     2:30 PM     Performances of the final scene from the plays by Molina and Moliere (personnel    
                         from the Dalhousie Department of Theatre), and Mozart’s Don Giovanni (the ONS cast
                         Gregory Servant, JP Decosse, Neil Robertson; piano Lynette Wahlstrom).
     3:15 PM     Closing thoughts.

Cost:$25.00 (including lunch); $10.00 (without lunch). If you would like lunch, please contact Neil Robertson (neil.robertson@ by Thursday, 1 May.