FYP: Dante Day 2017
“Currency, Wealth and Opulence in Dante’s Florence”

Saturday April 8th, 2017 
1pm to 6pm

Reception to follow: KTS Lecture Hall, 2nd Floor New Academic Building, 6350 Coburg Road, Halifax

Session I

1pm to 1:40pm

Elizabeth Edwards: “Dante and the Florentine Florin”

1:40pm to 2:20pm

Neil Robertson: “Demonic Bankers: Dante and the Medieval Account of Usury”

2:20pm to 3pm

Thomas Curran: “Avarice: The Unity of all the Vices”

3 to 3:30pm

Coffee and Refreshments

Session II

3:30pm to 4:10pm

Jannette Vusich: “The Illustrated Comedy”

4:10pm to 4:50pm

Peter Bryson: “Beauty in Dante’s Tuscany”

4:50pm to 5:30pm

Gary Thorne: “Cimabue and Giotto in Dante’s Florence”

Coda: 5:30 to 6pm

William Barker: “Hell:  Bosch and Bruegel”