At the conclusion of the fourth annual Humanities for Young People (HYP), keynote speakers Desmond Cole and Elisabeth de Mariaffi will give a public talk on July 13 at the Central Library. They will address this year’s HYP theme, “Thinking Through Fear” alongside the conference participants, bright and highly-motivated students aged 15-17 who are interested in the humanities.

“Fear is experienced unequally within our communities, and I’m particularly interested in how women live with and against fear,” says de Mariaffi, the author of  The Devil You Know. “Women are constantly being told that they are the unreliable narrators of their own lives and that their fears are ungrounded. Whom do we believe and why? Why do we pathologize unreliable women narrators? So, writing about women and violence in a popular genre is challenging, but there are important issues to work on and assumptions to question.”

The lecture is free to attend and open to all.