Photo by Hayley Frail.

The King’s Theatrical Society Presents: Everyman

Directed by David Woroner and Ethan Spiegel
Produced by Hannah McDougall and Katrina Jones
March 21-24

EVERYMAN – a modern adaption of a medieval morality play. Diagnosed with a terminal illness by a tormented God, abused by Death and betrayed by all those we hold near and dear. On March 21-24 come follow the proverbial “Everyman” as they endure psychological chaos under a mass of hallucination and memory.

Tickets can be reserved online but must be picked up and paid for prior to 7:45 PM the night of the show in the A&A Lobby.


Director – Jacob Hermant
Confession – Emma Steinke
Fellowship – Eddie Cuevas
Everyman – Katie Lawrence
Kindred-Cousin – Melina Zaccarina
Knowledge – Emma Doig
God – Cameron Buskirk
Five Wits – Anne Bell
Death – Ezra Tennen
Good Deeds – Jeremy Earley