The King’s Theatrical Society Presents: The Weir

Directed by Chris Tully
Produced by Hannah MacDougall and Ellen Zagar
November 15-18, 8:00 p.m., The Pit

The Weir is a play about a bartender, three local men and a woman from Dublin who spend an evening together in a dingy rural pub in the Northwest of Ireland. The men are intrigued by this woman from Dublin, and try to impress her with stories of the local area. These stories take a supernatural bend that builds on Irish folklore and mysticism. The stories are designed to scare and captivate the woman, but her own story ends up changing the men in a profound way. The Weir is a play without a straightforward story. It is a play that takes the audience on a journey that focuses on the relationships between the characters and on their pasts, rather than on their present day actions.



Stuart Harden
Connor Somers
Ella MacDonald
David Woroner and
Maxim Makarov

Tickets are $5 for students, $10 for General Admission. Tickets can be reserved online and must be picked up and paid for prior to 7:30 pm the night of the show in the A&A Lobby. All tickets not claimed before 7:30 will be sold as rush tickets. Tickets must be paid for in cash.