Dr Philip Kitcher, John Dewey Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University, will deliver a lecture, "Can we sustain democracy, and the planet too? Examining scientific expertise in public life" on Thursday 3 October, 7.00 PM (Atlantic). The lecture will take place in Ondaatje Hall, McCain Building, Dalhousie University, 6135 University Avenue, Halifax, NS. A reception will follow. HOST is a sponsor of this event.

The lecture will be livestreamed at: www.situsci.ca and www.ccepa.ca

Dr Kitcher is the author of Science in a Democratic Society and The Ethical Project.

In most democratic nations, there is little popular support for the measures that are urgently needed to limit global warming. This raises provocative questions for us as citizens: How do democratic ideals shape the living conditions of our descendants? How should the institutions and procedures that exemplify democratic ideals change? How do we better understand the relationship between expertise and democracy, climate science and society?