Night FYP Lecture Series

Leonard Cohen: A Listening Party

Join us for a Leonard Cohen Listening Party! To kick things off, Dr. Kait Pinder will give an introduction to Leonard Cohen’s shocking, contradictory, and beautiful life and works. Most of the evening, though, will be devoted to listening to Cohen’s last album, You Want It Darker, released just weeks before his death in 2016. Afterwards, Dr. Pinder will moderate an open discussion about the album and Cohen’s career. This is an event for everyone. Zen Buddhists, “New Jews,” exiles, MPs with revolutionary aspirations, narcissistic historians, priests, prophets, closet Nietzscheans, Suzannes, Marieannes, lovers, friends, outcasts––all the beautiful losers––are welcome, whether this will be your first time meeting the “Canadian Keats,” as a young Cohen liked to call himself, or whether you are a long-time admirer of the man with the “golden voice.” Also: refreshments!