Convocation will meet on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 4:30 p.m. in the boardroom.

As taken from the Blue Book:
1) Convocation shall consist of:
     (a)     the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the University;
     (b)     all Bachelors of Divinity and Masters and Doctors of the University;
     (c)     all Masters of Arts graduating under the Agreement of Association between the University of King's College and the Governors of Dalhousie College, dated the first day of September, 1923, or the fifth day of November, 1954, who may have been enrolled in King's College or who may hold the Bachelor's Degree therefrom;
     (d)     all members of the Board of Governors of the University, excepting undergraduate members of the University;
     (e)     all current members of the King’s Faculty and Inglis Professors;
     (f)     all other Bachelors of the University of five years standing;
     (g)     Fellows of the University.

2)        All members of Convocation shall have a vote.