Come and sit and listen in stillness to the dance of Celtic and original fiddle tunes, and to Old Man Luedecke’s congenial melodies resounding from the Chapel rafters.

No cost – freewill donations accepted for Burnside Humanities Prison Education Program.

Priority seating for First-Year Students.

The Performers

Old Man Luedecke  is the stage name of Chris Luedecke, a singer, song-writer, and banjo-player whose music is rooted in the bluegrass and folk tradition. Luedecke’s songs are reflections of his life in Chester, a small town on the south-shore of Nova Scotia, with his wife Theresa and his three young daughters. His lyrics express that urge to lead a quiet rural life and heed another sort of vocation; in his song “I Quit my Job,” he sings, “Hold on to your heart won liberties, and discard your store bought realities” as he rejoices, “I quit my job, I’m free today!” His career has brought him on tour all over Canada, the U.S. and Australia. He  has shared the stage with Feist, David Francey, Jill Barber, and other folkies. He is also the recipient of two Juno Awards. Luedecke’s honest storytelling, energetic singing, and exhilarating banjo playing will leave you seeking his next performance.

Hayley Ryerson is an alluring performer, exuberant fiddler, and appealing composer. Hayley shares her expression of the beloved, danceable language we call ‘fiddle’ through her own compositional voice. Her creations have the form and feel of fiddle music, yet invite various sounds from diverse musical genres that allows the imagination to play with story, melody, and time. Her compositions are inspired by Canadian landscapes, rich feelings, and her love of musical textures.