President Lahey’s tour is just around the corner and he’s looking forward to meeting you. After enjoying the company of the many alumni he met in his first year, President Lahey is getting ready to hit the road next week and meet more of you. He’s starting with a tour of eight stops across Canada from Moncton to Victoria, beginning just days away on June 8. So bring your fellow classmates, your King’s tales, and your natural curiosity. President Lahey is keen to have a conversation about what’s going on in your life, and to gather your thoughts about the future of alumni and King’s.

If you are going to be in any of the cities listed on the dates provided, please RSVP by June 6. Some of our venues have limited seating. Please RSVP by or before the June 6 date so that no one misses out.

We look forward to seeing you.

Moncton – June 8
8:30 am Breakfast
Maverick’s Steakhouse & Grill (private room)
40 Lady Ada Boulevard

Fredericton – June 8
5:00–7:00 pm Reception
Corked Wine Bar
83 Regent Street

Montreal – June 9
5:00–7:00 pm Reception
MacDonald Stewart Foundation
(A short guided tour of their amazing decorative arts collection is included.)
1195 Sherbrooke Street W

Ottawa – June 10
10:00 am Brunch
Courtyard Restaurant (Dawson Room)
21 George Street

Toronto – June 11
10:30 am Brunch
Cluny Bistro (Private Dining East)
Distillery District, 35 Tank House Lane

Calgary – June 12
5:00–7:00 pm Reception
Bank and Baron (private section)
125 8th Avenue SW

Victoria – June 13
9:30 am Coffee (and breakfast if you want it!)
Nourish Kitchen & Café (private section)
225 Quebec Street

Vancouver – June 13
5:00–7:00 pm Reception
Shebeen Whiskey House (reserved area)
210 Carrall Street

Please note that some of our venues have limited seating. Please RSVP by Tuesday, June 6 to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions, please call Kathy Miller at 902 422 1271 ext. 152 or email