‘From Suburbs to Mountains’

Did you know that Halifax has a protected wilderness area right on the edge of the city? The Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area is a protected region of “urban wilderness,” with trails and lakes that are open to the public for hiking, canoeing, and camping.

The protection of this space is a cause that is close to the heart of President Bill Lahey, who says that the creation of this Urban Wilderness area was one of the highlights of his time as Deputy Minister of Nova Scotia’s Department of Environment. And so, this October, President Lahey is offering the King’s community a chance to explore the “urban wilderness!”

On Saturday, October 19, join President Bill Lahey for a wilderness hike to Blue Mountain, the highest point on Halifax’s Chebucto Peninsula.

We gather in the Quad to travel to a suburban cul-de-sac where the trail begins. Participants are asked to bring their own snack/lunch to enjoy on the trail. From here, we take the trail to the peak of Blue Mountain. At the peak, we enjoy a picnic lunch looking out over the whole HRM and participate in a conversation with a local guest from the Protected Areas and Ecosystems branch of Nova Scotia Environment. We return in the early afternoon, in time for cookies and hot chocolate in the President’s Lodge.

All students, faculty, staff, and friends are welcome on this “Suburb to Mountain” hike! Transportation is provided.