The Contemporary Studies Society and Contemporary Studies Programme are happy to welcome Dr. Nandita Biswas Mellamphy to King's this week. Dr. Mellamphy will be giving a public lecture on Nietzsche and the new political philosophical implications of a surveillance society. 

Dr. Mellamphy is a professor at the University of Western Ontario Political Science department and also teaches as part of the Western Centre for Theory and Criticism. She specializes in critical and radical political theory as well as the history of political thought from antiquity to post-modernity. Her topics of study include post-humanism, digital media culture, continental philosophy (especially the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and the post-Nietzscheans), and the political dimensions of contemporary science-fiction and current-day neuroscience.

The lecture takes place on Friday, 21 March, 6.00 PM in the Archibald Room, Academic Building. Dr Mellamphy will also present a seminar on Saturday, 22 March, 12.00 PM in the Senior Common Room on her book, The Digital Dionysius: Nietzsche and the Post Human Condition.

Free with a reception to follow.