Bad news travels fast. And so do the journalists who report it.

International correspondents are our eyes and ears around the globe. But shrinking media budgets, accelerated news cycles and shuttered foreign bureaux are forcing reporters to cover more territory in less time. These ‘parachute journalists’ rarely have a chance to dig deep – as soon as the story is filed, their bags are packed for the next hotspot.

Award-winning photojournalist and reporter Marc Ellison is slowing down the news cycle. Whether he’s writing for major newspapers or designing multimedia graphic novels, Marc’s reporting shatters stereotypes of the developing world – sharing in‑depth stories that capture the nuances of daily life.

Co-presented by Aga Khan Foundation Canada and the University of King’s College School of Journalism, Marc’s lecture and Q&A will be followed by a reception. 

Drawing on his experiences with former child soldiers in Uganda, Marc will reflect on what it takes to navigate a foreign landscape – and how to bring a meaningful story home to Canadians.

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