Host: University of King’s College: 83 Points

Université Sainte-Anne: 51 Points

Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus: 46 Points

Mount Allison University: 70 Points

University of King’s College hosted the first tournament of 2020 this past weekend.  What was supposed to be a two day tournament, was forced into one due to an impending snow storm.  The ACAA badminton teams of MTA, USA, DAL AC and UKC worked together to complete all categories in a single day of play.

UKC once again finished on top, winning 7 of the 10 categories and finishing with 83 points.  MTA took second place with 70 points, followed by USA and DAL AC, with 51 and 46 points respectively. Click here for a complete list of tournament results.

There is just one tournament left in regular season play, hosted by Dalhousie Agricultural Campus on February 1st.

The ACAA Championships and CCAA Qualifiers will be hosted by the University of King’s College on February 15th and 16th.