King’s Rules

Academic rules & regulations:

See the Academic Calendar
The College’s academic rules and regulations, which include such topics as class selection, credits and intellectual honesty.

General college regulations:

Refer to the Yellow Book.
Discipline regarding non-academic matters—General College Regulations— are enforced by the dean, dons, residence councillors, security, patrol and the King’s Students’ Union.

University code of conduct:

Refer to the Yellow Book.
The university’s code of conduct, available in the calendar and in the Yellow Book, applies to all students and employees and, along with all college rules and policies, has been approved by the university’s board of governors. These rules and regulations, which include equity and sexual harassment policies, have been made to protect everyone’s right to a civil, collegial and pleasurable life at King’s—and everyone’s opportunity to benefit from the opportunities the college offers.


Policy Books:

  • Red Book: This employee handbook includes details on benefits, and policies such as sexual harassment, smoking, parking and sabbatical leave.
  • Yellow Book: Includes the code of conduct, general college regulations, and policies on discipline, equity, and sexual harassment.
  • Purple Book: Includes the Royal Charter (1802), an act to continue the board of governors of the University of King’s College (1998), role of the university (1993), articles of association (1923), memorandum of understanding (1995), agreement constituting the Atlantic School of Theology (1971), an act to incorporate Atlantic School of Theology (1974).
  • Green Book: Includes regulations of the Foundation Year Programme of the University of King’s College, the structure and organization of the Dalhousie/King’s Contemporary Studies Programme, Early Modern Studies Programme, History of Science and Technology Programme and the School of Journalism.
  • Pink Book: Includes regulations governing faculty-administration relationships, regulations concerning appointments, promotion and tenure, regulations governing tenure or promotion of a King’s professor in the joint faculty of arts and social sciences.
  • Blue Book: Includes by-laws, rules and regulations of the University of King’s College made by the board of governors.

Advancement policies

Research & Scholarship policies

Other policies:

Occupational Health & Safety

Providing a safe and healthy work environment for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors is important to King’s, that is why there are health and safety plans, procedures, and guidelines in place. More >>