Humanities for Young People Scholarships for Indigenous Students

Humanities for Young People Scholarships for Indigenous Students

In July 2016, we were delighted to introduce Humanities for Young People (HYP). It’s an immersive university experience that offers young Canadians age 14 – 16 the opportunity to engage in the study of the Humanities.

The high enrolment for HYP’s inaugural session, themed “Community”, suggests that there is a demand for university-level educational programs for motivated young people. With the goal of meeting that demand, we have chosen an ambitious and timely theme for our July 2017 session: “The Challenges of Reconciliation.”

HYP 2017 will feature 10 days of guided readings and skills/cultural practices workshops. For our programming, we have assembled a diverse and engaged group of scholars and artists—both indigenous and non-indigenous—who are bringing their expertise to HYP. Throughout the duration of the session, and in the context of a diverse range of texts – from Sophocles, the Truth and Reconciliation Committee report, to the novel Birdie – students will be encouraged to grapple with difficult questions: What does it mean to be forgiven for a historical injustice? How can we create conditions of reconciliation within our communities?

By studying Indigenous and Western cultures together, participants will develop a nuanced understanding of reconciliation, and gain a deeper knowledge of the current challenges facing Canadians in our own process of reconciliation.

We are committed to a near barrier-free access to the program and believe that HYP must not only be about reconciliation, but must also be engaged as a practice of reconciliation.

With this in mind, our aim is to raise the necessary scholarship funds to ensure the participation of at least 10 -12 indigenous students from across Canada. Depending on travel, the typical cost associated with each scholarship is roughly $1,850.

The push is on – we’d like to raise money for a minimum of 3 more scholarships before June 10 and we are looking to you for help. Please considering contributing to this important goal.

Humanities for Young People would be pleased to recognize your support, and our deep appreciation for it, on the program for the public symposium, and of course, in our regular Donor Report in Tidings.

Thank you.