Call for EMS papers

Call for EMS papers

This is the second call for undergraduate papers to the Undergraduate Conference of the Early Modern, hosted at the University of King’s College by the Early Modern Studies Programme and the student-run Early Modern Studies Society.  The conference will take place 8-9 February 2013  and is open to all undergraduate arts and humanities students at a Halifax university.  We are still looking for student presenters.

Papers must be submitted to ukcemss@gmail.com for consideration on or by 11.00 PM Thursday, 31 January 2013. All undergraduate students of the arts and humanities in Halifax are eligible to participate.

About the conference

The topic for the conference is “The Early Modern” and has been deliberately left very broad in order to give you room to interpret. For the purposes of this conference, “the early modern period” extends into the early 19th century.  If you have a paper on any early modern thinker or topic, or on a particular issue or aspect of  this period, you are encouraged to submit your work for consideration. Students who have never participated in an academic conference before are particularly encouraged to submit their work!

Those accepted will be given up to 45 minutes to present–or simply read–their papers.  How much of this time presenters use and how they use it is up to them (as a general guideline, papers should be no shorter than 1500-2000 words).

There are a number of extra-curricular social activities planned in connection with the conference:

– Dr Bruce Gordon of Yale University will give a keynote address on the topic of “The Bible in Early Modern Europe” on the evening of 8 February.
– On the evening of 9 February there will be a performance of early modern music  in association with the conference.  James Bryson, a graduate both of EMSP and Cambridge University, will also give a talk on “Plato in the Early Modern Period.”

Important information

For those accepted to the conference, there will be a $15 registration fee to help cover the costs of hosting the conference and for the publication of Babel,  the undergraduate journal of Early Modern Studies at the University of King’s College.  All papers submitted to the Undergraduate Conference of the Early Modern will also be considered for Babel.

Professors are asked to encourage their students to submit.  Students who are hesitant about submitting or participating are encouraged to contact us with their questions or concerns.  The latest news and informationabout the conference and other Early Modern Studies Society activities can be found online.


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