Green Shift Week

Green Shift Week

Campus closed : King's campus is closed on Monday, Dec. 4 due to weather conditions.

Students, facility, staff and members of the community are invited to take part in an experiment to experience a week that has a less negative impact on the environment! Participants in "Green Shift Week" will take a pledge to use less fossil fuels by reducing their electricity, energy and water consumption, producing less waste and eating only local food.

Monday, September 25th: 11 AM:

Clothing Swap in the Quad!
7 PM : KTS lecture hall "Sustainability and the humanities over the ages," with Dr. Gordan MacOuat and Dr. Georgy Levit

Tuesday September 26, 7PM:
Scotiabank Auditorium Screening of Burning Water followed by panel discussion

Wednesday September 27, 11-5PM:
Wardroom: Vagabond Vintage Sale
6:30PM: Day-bay Local Cooking Class with Local Source’s Professional Chefs
9:30PM: Wardroom Sustainability Trivia

Thursday September 27, 7PM:
Sustainability College Evening Lecture Series 2011 screens No Impact Man followed by panel discussion

Friday September 28, 7PM:
Critical Mass
7PM: Local dinner sponsored by Just Us Coffee in Manning Room
10 PM: "Righteously Re-used"  Dance Party in the Wardroom.

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