King’s Develops Partnerships in India

King's Develops Partnerships in India

King’s has signed an agreement with Ahlcon International School in Mayur Vihar, Delhi.

Both institutions have made a commitment to facilitate the movement of students from King’s to Ahlcon. The connection between King’s and Ahlcon was initially sparked last April, when King’s Registrar Elizabeth Yeo embarked upon an ACOA-funded tour of 13 schools in India to build awareness of education in Nova Scotia. Counselors from Ahlcon and other Indian high schools visited King’s this past May, and a MOU between the two institutions was signed by Kim Kierans in July.  The MOU states that both schools will jointly support a steady pipeline of studentsand focus on student recruitment. The exchange will spearhead an exciting intercultural exchange between students.

"King’s, with its emphasis on discussion and dialogue, creates wonderful possibilities for increased intercultural understanding," says Yeo. "This initiative will support our efforts to bring more students from different cultural backgrounds together in this unique environment."

This opportunity feeds nicely into the success of King’s professor Dr. Gordon McOuat’s application for a SSHRC "Aid to Workshops" grant in support of an international workshop in Manipal, India from December 12-14, 2011. Together, these opportunities present exciting POTENTIAL FOR intercultural growth for the college

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