Andrew Inkpen

Part-Time Instructor

Andrew Inkpen Andrew Inkpen

BSc (SMU), PhD (UBC), Postdoctorate work (Harvard, Pittsburgh, Dalhousie)

Dr. Inkpen’s research in the history and philosophy of science focuses on conceptual, methodological, and epistemological issues in ecology and evolutionary biology. He has particular interests in the contested artificial-natural distinction and its role in longstanding and ongoing debates in biology, and in the concept of homology. Before coming to Dalhousie/King’s, Dr. Inkpen studied philosophy at the University of British Columbia (PhD), history of science at Harvard University (SSHRC Postdoc, year 1/2), and history and philosophy of science at the University of Pittsburgh (SSHRC Postdoc, year 2/2). He is currently the Herzberg Medal Postdoctoral Fellow at Dalhousie University in the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Recent Publications

  • Forthcoming. Inkpen SA, Douglas GM, Brunet TDP, Leuschen K, Doolittle WF, Langille MGI. “The Coupling of Taxonomy and Function in Microbiomes.” Biology and Philosophy, TBA.
  • Forthcoming. DesRoches CT, Inkpen SA, Green TL. “The Eroding Artificial/Natural Distinction? Some Consequences for Ecology and Economics.” In M Nagatsu and A Ruzzene (eds.), Philosophy and the Social Sciences: A Dialogue. Bloomsbury Publishing, London: UK.
  • 2017. Inkpen SA. “Demarcating Nature, Defining Ecology: Creating a Rationale for the Study of Nature’s ‘Primitive Conditions’” Perspectives on Science, 25: 355-92.
  • 2017. Inkpen SA. “Are Humans Disturbing Conditions in Ecology?” Biology and Philosophy, 32: 51-71.
  • 2017. Stuart YE, Inkpen SA, Hopkins R, Bolnick DI. “Character displacement is an evolutionary pattern. So what causes it?” Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 121: 711-715.
  • 2016. Inkpen SA. “Like Hercules and the Hydra: Trade-offs and Strategies in Ecological Model-Building and Experimental Design” Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 57: 34-43.
  • 2016. Inkpen SA, Doolittle WF. “Molecular Phylogenetics and the Perennial Problem of Homology” Journal of Molecular Evolution, 83: 184-192.
  • 2014. Inkpen SA. “‘The Art Itself is Nature’: Darwin, Domestic Varieties, and the Scientific Revolution.” Endeavour, 38: 246-56.