Christopher Snook

Christopher Snook

Senior Fellow in the Humanities

Christopher Snook Christopher Snook

BA (Vind), MA (McMaster), MA (Concordia)

Christopher Snook is a Senior Fellow in the Foundation Year Program and currently serves as the program’s Associate Director, Academic. He holds graduate degrees in English and Theology with a special interest in modernism, religion, and poetry. His interest in poetry includes his own writing practice. Christopher’s poems have appeared in Canadian, American, and Australian journals, including the Literary Review of Canada and the Cordite Review. His first collection, Tantramar Vespers, was published in 2018. Christopher’s passion for Elvis Presley tribute artists is, he suspects, entirely unique among Foundation Year Program faculty.

Conference proceedings in print

  • “Beauty in Ancient Greek Thought.” “The Outward Sense Befriending”: The Beautiful, the True, and the Good, ed. Susan Harris. Charlottetown: St Peter Publications, 2015.
  • “Job: A History of Interpretation from Gregory the Great to William Blake.” The Biblical Job: Comfort, Righteousness, Holiness, ed. Susan Harris. Charlottetown: St Peter Publications, 2013.
  • “‘Paradise Abides’: Robert Crouse and the Preaching of the Sacred in the Modern Secular.” Recognizing the Sacred in the Modern Secular: How the sacred is to be discovered in today’s world, eds. Susan Harris and Nicholas Hatt. Charlottetown: St Peter Publications, 2011.
  • “‘So I do reverence to the image of Christ’: Icons and Iconoclasm in the Eighth Century.” Iconography: The Use of Art in Christian Worship. ed. Susan Harris. Charlottetown: St Peter Publications, 2004.


  • Tantramar Vespers, Frog Hollow Press, 2018