Father Dr. Gary Thorne

Father Dr. Gary Thorne

University Chaplain


| Faculty Member

Father Dr. Gary Thorne Father Dr. Gary Thorne

PhD (Dunelm)

Dr. Thorne offers care and attention to all members of the King’s community. Before coming to King’s as Chaplain, Dr. Thorne served as pastor of Saint George’s Anglican Church in Halifax’s inner-city, advocating for the poor and marginalized, developing friendships and walking the streets. During that time he founded Saint George’s YouthNet, an inner-city youth ministry, and Halifax Humanities 101, a Clemente programme that offers barrier-free university-level education to those living in material poverty. A reservist military chaplain for 23 years, Father Thorne was deployed to the Israel-Syria border in 2003, where he ministered to Canadian and UN troops during the beginning of the American invasion of Iraq.

His research interests include patristics and Anglican theology. His thinking about the enduring question of the interaction between belief and practice (knowledge, liturgy, and ethical behaviour) locates him ideally on the university campus where the forced separation of academic rigour, theurgy, and compassionate love of the world is increasingly seen by students to be harmful to our planet, and destructive of the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

Father Thorne has received honorary degrees from the University of King’s College (Halifax), Emmanuel and St Chad (Saskatoon) and Wycliffe College (Toronto).