Katie Menendez

Katie Menendez

Faculty Fellow in the Foundation Year Program

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Katie Menendez Katie Menendez

BHum (Carleton), MA (University of Toronto)

Katie is a Faculty Fellow in the Foundation Year Program. She received a Bachelor of Humanities and History from Carleton University and a Masters in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto, where she is now completing her Doctorate at the Centre for Medieval Studies. Her dissertation “Time and History in the Anglo-Norman World: Durham c.1080–c.1130,” examines the multiple perceptions of time at a monastery renowned for its history-writing, especially the relationship between the perception of time as expressed in biblical commentaries and in works of history. More broadly, her research considers questions of transmission and transformation of the intellectual tradition in the early and high medieval period, and she has also written articles on how early medieval monastic texts use biblical quotation as well as on how scholars translating from Latin to Old English reformulated the history of monasticism to suit their ideals of ascetic perfection. Outside her scholarly work, Katie also enjoys baking, hiking, and knitting, although not all at the same time.

Research and Teaching Interests

Medieval history, biblical commentary, asceticism, historiography, narrative theory, translation, time reckoning and theories of temporality